How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor [4 Ways]

Sometimes, we love going on a camping trip, especially in the summer, and sometimes, we want to surprise our guests with a perfect airbed. In such a situation, it is very essential that you raise an air mattress off the floor in the best way possible. So, do you know how to raise an air mattress off the floor?

What you should do at first when raising the air mattress off the floor is think about how high it should be from the ground. You can create a mattress riser or buy one of the proper sizes. Also, you can use a box spring or plywood to raise your airbed. For maximum comfort, safety, and an actual bed-like feel, you need to set it accurately on the platform with much attention.

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Why Do You Need to Raise an Air Mattress on the Floor?

When your air mattress is on the floor, you usually do not get adequate air for breathing. So, you feel uncomfortable. In such circumstances, by raising your air mattress on the floor, you can alleviate this problem. Besides, raising your air mattress on the floor gives you a number of advantages, such as it increases the lifespan of your mattress and can support your posture, etc.

Why Do You Need to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor

Below are the details.

It Gives You the Ultimate Comfort:

How do you feel when you sleep on the floor or on a high platform (that is not just on the ground)? When you sleep on an elevated surface, you feel more comfortable. The raised air mattress gives you that ultimate comfort and better feelings.

Besides, you may be afraid of insects and creepy crawlies that often move on the floor in your room. So, if you raise your air mattress from the ground and sleep on it, there is peace in your mind. This is because you know that insects and creepy crawlies can’t scurry to you, in general.

It Increases the Lifespan of Your Mattress:

If you place your mattress on the floor, it won’t last long. People want their mattresses to last longer, and you do too. Especially, if your air mattress is thin-layered, keeping it just on the floor can damage it so quickly.

Small sharp materials like blades, needles, tiny sharp rocks, and pins are more likely to be scattered on your floor. So, if you do not raise your mattress, these materials may snag it. To raise your airbed means to protect it from such materials.

Besides, liquids that you spill accidentally on your floor can damage it. So, when you raise your air mattress off the floor, it undoubtedly increases its lifespan.

It Supports Your Posture:

When you raise your mattress on the floor, it supports your posture more ergonomically. A lot of people have lower back pain, muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and digestive issues for poor sleeping posture.

Therefore, if you sleep on a raised air mattress, you do not go through such health issues, usually.

Also, a raised air mattress is useful for someone who is unable to rise from a traditional bed on his own. An elevated air mattress can help him easily get down from it.

It Is Hygienic:

If you put your air mattress directly on the floor, you will need to wash it more frequently. There is often more dirt and dust on the floor. And, if you are allergic to dust and dirt, you may have many health issues, including sneezing, coughing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, etc.

People with diabetes or anemia are likely to feel much colder when they sleep on a floor. An aged man has weaker bones. So, if you are aged and sleep on the floor, you’re at risk of fractures.

How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor

I am going to share some easy and effective methods of raising an air mattress. Just go through the following options and decide which one is the best approach for you.

How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor


1. Buy an Air Mattress Frame

You can raise an air mattress using a simple frame or mattress riser. A mattress frame keeps your mattress at some height. Campers love to buy air mattress frames for some advantages, such as they are:

Air Mattress Frame

  • portable
  • lightweight
  • easy-to-fold

Before buying a frame, make sure it will suit the size of your mattress, whether it’s a standard one or a high-weight capacity air mattress. Such frames are of two types: metal and wood. Normally, metal ones are popular and long-lasting.  

2. Use Plywood and Make a Frame on Your Own

If you love to do things on your own and save money, you can create a mattress riser on your own. It may be difficult for you to make a metal frame as it requires special skills and some equipment to cut and join the parts. You also need to have enough steel and iron in this regard.

So, a good option for you to make your air mattress frame is to use plywood. You simply use a saw and glue to make it. However, it takes your time and effort to create a good one.

Use Plywood

For the protection of your airbed from wood, you need to cover this with non-penetrative materials like a tarpaulin sheet. Now, splinters on the plywood cannot snag and damage your air mattress. Place these non-penetrative materials carefully on the frame.

Remember, a plywood frame can raise your mattress by one to four inches (at most), according to the thickness of your plywood.

3. Use Box Spring

If you do not want to buy a frame or make it yourself, using a box spring may be the right option for you. You can place your air mattress easily on a box spring. You need to be careful when putting the air mattress on the box spring.

To save it from the potential damage, you just put some plywood or a simple sheet that is non-penetrative on your box spring. Then put your air mattress on it.

This way, the plywood or the sheet prevents the sharp parts of your box spring from snagging or puncturing your mattress. The air mattress will be raised by six to nine inches if you use a good box spring.

It may be expensive for some people. But, if you can afford around $200, this option can be great for you.

4. Use a Thick Carpet

It is probably the easiest way of raising your air mattress off the floor. If you want to save your mattress from dust and dirt at home or while camping, using a thick carpet becomes handy.

The mattress can be raised by two to three inches if you properly place it.

So, if you think that you should pick the option, buy a thick carpet from a store. Before you buy it, double-check that the mattress dimensions suit it well. This way of raising your air mattress is easy and, of course, less expensive.

Final Words

The above methods are the best answers to your question ‘how to raise an air mattress off the floor?’ Though an air mattress is affordable, you should use it carefully to extend its lifespan and get the necessary comfort from it. However, one thing you should always keep in your mind is that the mattress can easily get damaged if you do not raise it off the floor and use it the right way.

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