How to Keep Air Mattress from Sliding?

Air mattress sliding from your bed is a common issue among many. So, how to keep air mattress from sliding then?

You can use gripper pads, a rough carpet, or even sheet straps to prevent your air mattress from skidding away. All these methods can surely help your mattress to stay steady. However, you definitely need to know the ways you can proceed with these methods.

So, here in this blog, we’ll let you know all the most effective ways by which you can keep your air mattress from sliding.

Why Does My Air Mattress Always Slide?

There are several reasons that cause the air mattress under the sheet keeps sliding and doesn’t stay at one place. Let’s see some of them:

Why Does My Air Mattress Always Slide

  1. First, your bed has a smooth surface no matter if it’s made of wood or metal, and that has a slope tendency. That’s why when you put an air mattress on the surface with nothing in between, the mattress will start sliding as soon as someone sits or lays on it.
  2. Next, you may have failed to choose a good bedsheet for your bed, but if its fabric is smooth, it will also make the air mattress slide.
  3. Another vital reason is you may not have put the mattress properly. If the air mattress’s alignment is not proper on the bed, it will surely displace.
  4. Putting too much pressure on the mattress like jumping on it can cause the air mattress to slide off, especially if you have children at your home.
  5. When your air mattress has become very old and started to have many malfunctions like issues with air trapped inside or loss of grip. In that case, you won’t be able to keep the air mattress in one place.

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

It’s a sure hassle when the air mattress keeps sliding from its place, and you have to place it over and over again. Moreover, you won’t even feel comfortable lying down if the mattress stays misplaced.

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding

That’s why it is essential for everyone to know about the methods of preventing air mattresses from sliding. Below are some of the most effective ways you can prevent your mattress from skidding away.

1. Gripper Pad

A gripper pad or non-slip pad is the first and one of the most effective solutions for a sliding air mattress. These pads have grips on the borders of the bed that you can connect.

Gripper Pad

The grips on every edge can increase a fraction with the bedsheet and the mattress. Thus, it helps the mattress to stick into a place, and the slipping tendency is also reduced.

However, you have to ensure that you get a perfect-sized gripper pad for your bed to have the best experience possible.

2. A Rough Carpet

You may wonder how can a rough carpet can be useful in such a case. Well as the carpet is rough, and stays between the mattress and bed, the mat won’t directly be in contact with the bed’s smooth surface.

A Rough Carpet

Thus, the air mat will barely move or slide; moreover, you can also have the bed sheet’s stability if your carpet’s rough side is upwards. Don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable because the bed sheet won’t let you feel the roughness.

3. Sheet Straps

Sheet strap has been the latest addition and one of the finest solutions for a sliding air mattress.

The straps usually hold the bed sheet to the mattress firmly because the straps can extend to a good range from the corners. If you attach four-bed sheet straps on the four corners of the bed, you can have a perfect bed setting.

Sheet Straps

However, if your setting is perfect, you can have a perfect result, a bed with an air mattress that stays still for a long time.

Sometimes, your bed partner can be restless, and it is difficult to find a mattress for restless partner, but that’s when you can get sheet straps.

4. Set Your Bed at the Corner

When you put the bed in one corner of your room, the mattress will also be placed in that very corner.

Moreover, it’s easy to make the mattress stay if there’s a wall corner because whenever it will be about to move around, it will get pushed against the wall. As a result, there is less risk for the air mattress to move or slide here and there.

5. Get a New Air Mattress

If you have tried all the things to prevent the air mattress from sliding, but those didn’t work, that means it’s time to change your old one. You probably know that an old air mattress has a rugged surface that has a loss of grip.

Thus, it causes the mattress to slide no matter what you do; that’s why you must get yourself a new air mattress if you want to avoid any hassle.

Final Thoughts

No matter which method you follow, how to keep air mattress from sliding will depend on which causes the air mattress to slide all the time. You can either choose to buy a new mattress, or try the techniques mentioned here to prevent the mattress from sliding.

The reasons behind a sliding air mat have also been clear because those are not difficult to identify. However, set your bed well and be comfortable on it because if you’re not relaxed while you’re sleeping or resting, where else would you be comfortable?

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