How High Should Crib Mattress Be For Newborn (+Crib Safety Tips)

Parents of newborn babies are always thinking about their baby’s safety and security. The mother has to deal with many things, both physically and mentally. A common thing that most new moms worry about is how they can make the best and most comfortable sleeping arrangements for their babies.

It often involves how high should crib mattress be for newborn. You can set the crib mattress at its maximum height for a newborn. It makes taking care of them more manageable. Also, the height is not a threat since they are too little to move around. Instead, it helps the parents to cater to the baby better.

This article will walk you through the details of why the height of the crib mattress is essential and how you can ensure maximum comfort for your baby.

How High Should Crib Mattress be for Newborns? 

A crib mattress for a newborn baby can be pretty high. In fact, you can set it to the highest spot of the crib. Newborn babies mostly stay still and sleep. They barely tilt their little bodies and don’t really move much, so it is safe for them.

This stage lasts about two months before the baby starts interacting and moving. During this time, the mother is in critical condition. A new mother who just went through the complicated process of having a child and is recovering has to take care of the newborn.

Therefore, the height of the crib mattress should be a spot comfortable for the mother to reach. How high or low you should place the crib mattress depends on your baby’s age, size, and movements.

A newborn baby doesn’t move around much and mostly stays in one place. So even the maximum height of the crib mattress should be acceptable as long as the mother finds it comfortable.

Benefits of Keeping the Crib Mattress at the Highest Spot for Newborn

The correct height of the crib mattress plays a very important role. It can positively affect both your and your baby’s life. Check out the benefits of keeping the crib mattress at the highest spot for newborns below.

1. Easy to Get the Baby In and Out

As a newborn baby lives solely on the mother’s milk, you would need to move the baby from the crib back and forth to feed them numerous times a day. The highest spot will make it easier for you.

Easy to get the baby in and out

2. Makes Transitioning Easy

Transitioning a baby becomes more manageable when the mattress is at the maximum height. You can quickly move your baby from the bassinet to the crib without causing them any discomfort.

Makes transitioning easy

3. Less Pressure On the Back

As you take care of your little one, bending over every time you pick them up will be bad for your back in the long run. As newborn babies need constant care, it’s important that the height of the mattress is easy to reach and doesn’t create any pressure on the mom’s back.

4. Does not Disturb a Sleeping Baby

If you plan to move your sleeping baby from your side or arms to the crib, the highest position makes this task almost effortless. You can do it without compromising the baby’s precious sleep.

Does not disturb a sleeping baby

Crib Safety Tips for your Little One 

Taking care of a baby is challenging but equally pleasing. The following crib safety tips should help you ensure your baby’s safety and give you peace of mind. Take a look.

how high should crib mattress be for newborn

  • Ensure that both the crib and the mattress are made of the safest materials (non-toxic and minimal VOC).
  • Keep the crib and your newborn baby in the same room as you. Follow this for at least six months.
  • Place your baby on his back.
  • Educate the children in the family about the crib’s usage and potential danger.
  • Please don’t use any crib bumpers, as they can be dangerous.
  • Keep the mattress and the area inside the crib clean.
  • Don’t put unnecessary padding, pillows, or blankets inside the crib. Just keep what’s necessary.
  • Make sure that both the mattress and sheet are tight-fitting and firm.
  • Secure the bolts tightly after you adjust the height of the crib.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents are always looking for ways to provide better comfort to their children. Now that you know some essential facts about crib mattress height and safety tips, let’s check out what others are discussing.

Why Is Crib Mattress Height So Important?

The height of a crib mattress is an important topic that requires proper attention and knowledge.

According to a survey (1990-2008) by the American Association of Pediatrics, the maximum case (around 83%) of child injury was connected to cribs.

Therefore, parents and caregivers must abide by the crib mattress regulations to ensure maximum safety for the baby.

When Can You Lower The Crib Mattress Height?

It depends on your baby’s age. You can keep a newborn baby’s mattress at the maximum height and lower it as your baby grows up. When the baby shows signs of sitting up, you can move the mattress to the middle spot.

As your baby grows up enough where they try to pull up and stand, it is time to bring the mattress to the lowest position. This is a critical time when babies try new things and get into accidents, so keeping them closer to the floor is better.

Does The Quality And Material Of The Crib Mattress Matter?

Yes, it definitely matters. You wouldn’t want to use anything that can harm or disturb your baby. Hence, you must get only the best quality crib and mattress made with high-grade materials. The mattress and sheet need to be breathable, soft, and tight-fitted.

When Is The Right Time To Transition Your Baby To A Toddler Bed?

Baby grows up fast. Before you even realize it, you will find your baby crawling up the crib and trying to come down. That is when you should move them to a toddler bed. When a baby starts doing that, it becomes dangerous. A toddler bed will diminish the risk of the baby getting hurt.


Parents start stressing over the sleeping arrangements as soon as the baby is born. When it comes to a newborn baby, you can set the baby crib mattress at its highest. It is safe as a newborn doesn’t move much. Also, the highest arrangement helps the mom a lot.

Babies depend on their parents and caregivers for every little thing. So it’s only natural to be overwhelmed at times. However, it is better to take things slow and learn as you grow as a parent along with your baby. A good practice can be checking the crib safety regulations regularly.

The first couple of years is tiring but memorable for the parents. While it’s vital to ensure safety, it is also essential that you enjoy the time as your baby grows up beautifully and attains new milestones.

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