How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Nail Polish

Is there a fussing sound whenever you sit or lie down on your air mattress? It happens when the mattress gets a hole in it and weighs on, which brings the air out. Therefore, simple nail polish can be a savior for you to fix it even at midnight.

Here, we will discuss how to fix a hole in an air mattress with nail polish. Also, you will get all the instructions and tips you need throughout the process.

How to Find a Hole in An Air Mattress

You can’t be entirely sure all the holes are fixed until you apply some process. Primarily, there are three methods we will suggest you find the holes on it. They are – The air inspection, The submerging, and The soap and water method.

How to Find a Hole in An Air Mattress


Air Inspection Method

First off, you have to put everything away from the mattress like sheets, bedding, etc. before finding the air leak. Then, put the air mattress into a proper place, specifically for the narrow air mattresses. After that, fill the mattress through the valve stem using an air pump or breath.

air mattresses

Please don’t use any high-pressure sources; otherwise, it may make the air mattress burst. Later, insert the valve plugin when the mattress is full. If the valve leaks, the plug won’t patch in it. To inspect the rest of the mattress, you have to put a thin plastic piece with the plug.

mattresses air hole

Visual inspection doesn’t work, especially at night. So, to be precise to fix all the holes, here are some tips for you,

  • Wash your hand with cold water so that you can feel when the air comes out precisely.
  • Rub your hand palm against the whole mattress. Of course, you must go for the top of the mattress first.
  • Increase the pressure slowly by hand and listen if there is any sound. Therefore, you won’t miss even the smaller hole on the mattress.
  • Mark the holes by pen and put tape on them to do the fixing later on.

air mattress

Submerging Method

Submerging technique isn’t available for all mattresses. So, you have to check the label first if there are any precautions about it. Only then can you use this method for finding the holes on the mattress.

You have to begin with inflating the air from it in the beginning. Therefore, you have to unplug the valve stem and put partial pressure on the mattress. But don’t make it fully inflated as there are complications for it when you submerge it. Then plug the valve and put it into a pool or bathtub filled with water.

Submerging Method

After that, watch out for the steam of bubbles by applying pressure on them. If there is any leak, it will show up, and you have to mark it up with a permanent marker. Also, you can divide it into several sections and look for the holes. Finally, dry up the mattress in the sun and get it fixed.

Soap and Water Method

This method is similar to Submerging way. Here, you have to use Dish soap or a garden hose to find the holes. Here, we will discuss the process with the liquid dish soap.

  • Put some warm water into a spray bottle and mix it up with liquid soap. Also, you can use a soapy wet rag or sponge for the method.
  • You have to apply the water to the valve first as it’s the most common space for the leak. Therefore, you must use it all over it so that the soap bubble comes up.
  • Seek for the soap bubbles precisely. If there is any leak, it will show up when the soapy water is on it.

Soap and Water Method

  • Spray or sponge the mix all over the surface and sides of the air mattress. Then, try to mark the hole instantly as the soap bubbles don’t last long.
  • Inspect the mattress sharply so that no place with bubbles lefts on it. Also, don’t be worried about the fabrics of the mattress. It will be removed when you will dry it up.

Will Nail Polish fix a Hole in An Air Mattress Permanently?

Using nail polish to fixing an air mattress is one of the best home remedies. But it doesn’t seal the holes forever. But it lasts much longer than other ways without any patches on the mattress. Notably, the fixing can close the air for months if you don’t put much pressure on it than usual.

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Nail Polish

As we mentioned before, nail polish can save your day by fixing your air mattress. Therefore, you can choose any of the methods to find all holes precisely without using super glue, epoxy glue, or even rubber cement. Also, you have to be sure the bed is dry when you want to fix it with nail polish. To do it quickly, here are steps you should follow –

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Nail Polish

  • If the hole is on the upper side, you have to scrub it to reach the plastic body. Therefore, you can use sandpaper for perfection to scrub the extra coating.
  • It would be best if you scrubbed gently so that the plastic body doesn’t get damaged. Also, put minimal pressure as possible to not increasing the hole size.
  • Apply the layer of nail polish when the hole is visible in the plastic body. Hence, you have to put a thicker layer of it on the hole as much as possible.
  • You can use it 5-8 times as per the quality of nail polish. After that, the holes will be sealed for months.
  • Afterward, you must maintain the inflation and deflation of air in the mattress. Otherwise, the nail polish won’t be able to keep sealing for long.

Even if the nail polish works as a temporary solution as nail polishes aren’t essentially patch kits. You can run it until using airstop sealant or get your hands on an air mattress repair kit. It’s far better than wrapping your mattress with duct tape as well.

Final Verdict

Your air mattress brings the ultimate relaxation when you lie on it. So, the deflation of air in the mattress can worsen if you don’t fix it properly. Therefore, we have discussed the best possible method here, through nail polish. Knowing how to fix a hole in an air mattress with nail polish helps you keep out super glue and other strong glue that can damage the mattress surface.  Now, get going with your air mattress worry-free!

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