Do you Need a Boxspring with a Purple Mattress?

Most mattresses feature a box spring that protects them from the floor. However, the trend is changing with new modern design mattresses. Nowadays, mattresses can rest on a bed-type frame. A box spring is not a necessity in most bedrooms.

What about a purple mattress? Do you need a boxspring with a purple mattress? Purple mattresses don’t require a box spring. The mattress comes with a platform bed and can be used on its own. There are preset coils within the mattress that provide support and prevent sagging.

Ideally, you don’t need a box spring with a purple mattress. These mattresses are popular nowadays. They are a top choice for persons looking for very comfortable and supportive surfaces.

However, people are still not sure whether they need a boxspring with a purple mattress. Join me as I discuss them in detail and if there is a need for a box spring.

What Is A Boxspring?

A box spring is a platform designed to provide mattresses with support and cushioning. It’s a box of sturdy wooden frames and metal springs. The springs are designed to act as the foundation of your mattress.

What Is A Boxspring

Companies manufacture box springs to match specific mattresses. After construction, box springs feature texture wrapping to create excellent aesthetic looks.

Do Purple Mattresses Require A Boxspring?

Whenever people want to buy a purple mattress, they want to be sure whether they’ll also need a box spring. Before I get to answer that, let’s see what a purple mattress is.

Do you Need a Boxspring with a Purple Mattress

So, what’s a purple mattress? A purple mattress is simply a bed in a box. It’s a mattress that is compressed and packaged.

These types of mattresses don’t require a box spring. Purple mattresses feature a unique foundation that takes away the need for a box spring. The mattress design sits in a pre-made foundation.

In fact, the Purple Mattress company does not offer box spring options. Moreover, Purple describes box springs as easily becoming saggy, squeaking, and broken. They don’t endorse them for their mattresses.

The way Purple mattresses are designed takes away the need for a box spring. In fact, you’ll be making your bed worse by adding a boxspring to a Purple mattress.

If you’re not sure whether your Purple mattress requires a boxspring, you can go ahead and contact their customer service for help.

The unique body of a purple mattress means you don’t need a boxspring. Purple mattresses feature small pieces that are joined together to create a stable sleeping surface.

Springs provide extra support for certain mattresses. But since Purple mattresses feature small pieces put together, the need for a box spring is not necessary.

Does A Purple Bed Require A Boxspring?

Yes, a purple bed can still require a boxspring. However, as I’ve already shown you, purple mattresses don’t necessarily require a boxspring.

However, in a few instances, you can still add a boxspring. This is necessary when you feel the bed is too squeaky, too hard, or just not comfortable. In such cases, a box spring can help distribute weight, reduce squeaking and add some comfort.

Box Springs are designed to increase support, weight distribution, and comfort. So if you feel your bed does require some support or weight distribution, then you can add a boxspring.

In general, purple mattresses are designed to be used without a box spring. However, some customers can choose to use them with a box spring. But, the main reason for a boxspring is to enhance appearance.

The unique box design makes the bed look really beautiful. In addition, box springs can help add weight when beds have a low bed frame. In reality, there are no real benefits of using a boxspring with a purple bed.

Actually, using a boxspring and a purple mattress altogether can harm your mattress. Adding two items on top of each other creates pressure points. A person sleeping on such a bed will have their entire weight concentrated on these pressure points. This eventually reduces your mattress lifespan.

How Can I Tell Whether My Purple Mattress Needs A Boxspring?

You can tell if your purple mattress needs some extra support from a box spring once you sleep on it. Here are a few ways to know if your purple mattress requires a boxspring:

  • Hear a squeaking noise when you turn around
  • If the mattress feels hard
  • You feel pressure on certain body parts while sleeping
  • If the mattress does feel too saggy
  • If your purple bed has a wooden base

If you happen to feel any of these things, then it’s time to get a boxspring. A suitable boxspring that matches your mattress can help distribute weight and reduce pressure.

If your purple bed does have a metal frame, then you probably don’t need a boxspring.

Box springs are great at enhancing sleep quality. But, remember this is necessary only when they are needed. Otherwise, you don’t need a boxspring with purple mattresses.

Benefits Of Using A Box Spring

Benefits Of Using A Box Spring

Adds some Height

A boxspring does add some height to a mattress on the floor. This is great and helps when getting in and out of bed. People want to sleep at a comfortable height off the ground.

In addition, a box spring does operate as a mattress protector. It prevents scratches on the mattress from the floor.

Improves Airflow

A box spring creates a base allowing for excellent airflow. Improved airflow at night is essential on hot nights during the summer. You can be sure of keeping cool throughout the night.

Shock absorption

It can also help absorb some of your weight as you sleep. The metal coils create a firm base to ensure comfortable sleeping.

However, some memory foam mattresses using a boxspring can affect their warranty.

Relieves pain

Mattresses without foundations can cause body aches. Having a box spring can help provide extra support and cushioning. This helps reduce body pains.

Additional support for traditional mattresses

Lastly, a boxspring can provide additional support for old and traditional mattresses. When innerspring mattresses are used for long, springs can warp. In such cases, the mattresses can get more support from a box spring.

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Final Verdict

You don’t need a boxspring with a purple mattress. A purple mattress with the right foundation can be used without adding a box spring. In fact, adding a boxspring can make the purple mattress uncomfortable while also reducing its lifespan.

This does not mean a boxspring is not important. It’s a crucial addition to certain types of mattresses providing support and comfort. They are essential, especially when heavier persons sleep on them.

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