Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame? A Proper Dimensional Guide

A king mattress is typically wider than a queen mattress. If you fit the king mattress on the queen bed frame, you will find it unstable. An accurate knowledge of the bed’s frame dimension will help you choose the right one for your king mattress, and I will guide you.

After spending a good time in the mattress industry, I often see people ask a familiar question: Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame? It is a reasonable question because some of us might think all mattresses will fit in a single bed frame.

However, we need to understand that each type of mattress must match the bed frame size to provide a stable and comfortable sleeping experience.

Here, I will compare a king-size mattress with a queen-size mattress to make it clear whether the queen bed frame is the right fit for the king-size mattress.

Understanding the Dimensions of King and Queen Mattress

The dimensions of a mattress depend on the specific type. Not all mattresses have the same size and weight. Each type of mattress is designed for a limited number of users and provides different comforts. For example, a king and queen mattress do not have similar dimensions, and the number of users also varies.

Understanding the Dimensions of King and Queen Mattress

Studying the dimensions of a king and queen mattress will allow us to understand better which mattress will be the right choice. Here is the dimension chart to give you an explicit knowledge of how a king and queen mattress is crafted:

King Mattress Queen Mattress
Length x Width (inch) 80 x 76 80 x 60
Length x Width (c.m.) 203.5 x 193 203.5 x 152.5
Weight (pounds) 120 to 160 130 to 180
Sleepers Number Single and Couple Couples with children and pets
Room Size (foot) 12 x 10 10 x 10
Bedroom Type (recommended) Secondary bedrooms Primary Bedrooms
Fitted Sheet Size (inch) 76 x 80 x 17 60 x 80 x 17
Flat Sheet Size (inch) 112 x 108 108 x 96

This comparison chart clearly shows that the purpose of both mattresses differs. Foremost, the queen mattress has less width than a king-size mattress. But it is super comfortable for couples and singles who love extra space. In opposition, the king-size mattress is for couples who keep their children and pets with them.

Moreover, a larger room space of 12 × 10 feet is required to place a bed for a king mattress, which is usually used as a primary bedroom in most houses. But queen beds are mostly known as secondary bedrooms.

Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame?

Now the big question arrives: Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame? In general, a bed frame size depends on the size of a mattress. It is essential to maintain the correct size to keep a stable balance of the mattress in the bed frame. So you must have to match the mattress size with the corresponding bed frame size for a proper fit.

Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame

However, a king mattress is bigger than a queen mattress, so it won’t fit properly on a queen-sized bed frame. A standard king-size mattress has an extra 16 inches of width compared to a queen-size mattress.

If you have a queen mattress, it means the bed frame is designed with the corresponding mattress size. If you want to fit a king mattress on a queen bed frame, it won’t fit properly, and the mattress will hang over the edges.

What you will need to do is change the dimension of the bed frame to make it the right fit for a king mattress. Since the queen bed frame won’t work with the king mattress, it’s recommended to replace either the bed frame or the mattress to ensure proper support and fit.

To use your existing queen bed frame for a king mattress, assemble bed frame rails. Frame rails allow any size of the mattress to fit on it. Bolt this bed frame to the headboard and footboard by center alignment.

Attach a 10-inch queen-to-king modification plate (mod-plate) to four corners of the bed frame rail. Remeasure whether the headboard and the footboard are centered and fit the king mattress on the frame.

[Tip: The adjustable legs of the rail frame are for adjusting them for twin to king-size mattresses. Also, if there is a hook-in bed, get two hook adapters to hook the headboard and footboard.]

Different Types of Bed Frames

Bed frames are the main supports that hold a mattress from the ground to prevent dust accumulation underneath. These are generally made with wood or metal and provide solid stability to the bed.

Most bed frames are designed with railing to hold the mattress and foundation as well. But more bed frames featured footboards, headboards, and slats to stay sturdy even without foundation.

Knowing bed frame size is mandatory to decide if the frame suits our home space and if the mattress fits appropriately on the frame. That’s why I’m giving a bed frame dimension chart for each mattress to understand which frame will be the right fit.

Mattress  Mattress Dimension Bed Frame Dimension
Twin 38 x 74 inch 40-43 x 77-80 inch
Twin XL 38 x 80 inch 40-43 x 82-85 inch
Full/Double 54 x 75 inch 56-59 x 77-80 inch
Queen 60 x 80 inch 62-65 x 82-85 inch
King 76 x 80 inch 78-81 x 82-85 inch
California King 72 x 84 inch 74-77 x 86-89 inch

Bed frames are usually designed to be a few inches larger from all edges to ensure the mattress fits accurately.

What is the Standard Bed Frame Size for King and Queen Mattress?

As I have said before, each mattress style has specific bed frame dimensions. To choose the correct frame size, you must measure the height and width of your existing mattress. However, I have demonstrated the actual dimensions of bed frames for all types of mattresses above.

What is the Standard Bed Frame Size for King and Queen Mattress

So, the measurements of a queen-size mattress are about 60 x 80 inches. A bed frame with 62-65 x 82-85 inches dimension is the right fit and is used to hold a queen mattress.

On the other hand, a king mattress measurement is 76 x 80 inches, and the required bed frame dimensions will be 78-81 x 82-85 inches to hold the mattress sturdily.

Overall, it is settled that a queen bed frame is not appropriate for a king-size mattress. If you forcefully put a mattress on an inappropriate bed frame, you may face some problems, and they are:

Oversized Mattresses Problem

You can’t fully fit a mattress on a bed frame if it is larger than the frame because it will hang over the bed frame edges. More oversized mattresses put extra pressure on the bed frame and provide an unstable bed surface, resulting in an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Use mattress shims, wedges, or wooden boards to avoid safety hazards, or fill the gap with pads.

Undersized Mattresses Problem

An undersized mattress seems to fit perfectly, but there will be some blank space around the bed frame. This empty area causes disturbance while sleeping. Undersized mattresses move a lot, and excessive movement disrupts sleep.

Moreover, back pain symptoms may appear because of the mattress movements. That’s why choosing the right size bed frame for a mattress is vital.

Things to Consider Before Buying a King and Queen Mattress

If you plan to buy a mattress, you must consider a few things to understand if the King or the Queen mattress will be the right choice. If you don’t understand your liking and needs, you can’t get the perfect bed for optimal comfort and quality sleep. Here are the considerations you should check:

Things to Consider Before Buying a King and Queen Mattress

Movability and Comfort

First things first, comfort is the primary consideration when picking a mattress. The king and queen mattresses have the same length, but the king mattress has a larger width.

Comfort lies in the space of your bed. If you move a lot while sleeping and require extra room for comfort, the king-size mattress is the best bedding option. The extra width of this mattress allows you to move freely.

Room Size

Room size matters a lot while decorating with furniture items or placing a bed. Most people love to put a large bed in their main bedroom.

However, it is necessary to measure the room size for perfect compatibility. If it’s a 10 x 10-foot room and you want to place the bed in a corner similar to a small primary bedroom, a queen-sized bed is ideal.

But, if you have a 12 x 12-foot large room, having a king-size mattress will give us a modern feel.

Number of Sleepers

King and Queen mattresses are both suitable for couples. But the extra width of the king-size mattress is for couples who sleep with their child and pets. If you have more family members to sleep with, consider choosing a king bed to avoid a congestive situation.


Price is always a consideration whenever we purchase something. The larger the product, the higher the price. A king-size mattress usually costs more than a queen-size mattress.

If you love to keep your bed space wonderful, then a king-size mattress is perfect. Otherwise, go for the queen bedding. Many high-quality queen mattresses are available for under $200.

Final Words

A queen bed frame is not the correct frame size for a king mattress. Therefore, the response to the commonly asked question, “Can a King Mattress Fit a Queen Frame?” is negative.

However, you can still replace your queen bed frame with a rail bed frame. It is the easiest way to use all sizes of mattresses. It is advised to contact the manufacturers to troubleshoot any issues related to oversized or undersized mattresses rather than bed frames.

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