What Are The Low Air Loss Mattress Benefits?

Low air loss mattresses are becoming common for bend-bound patients. If you have a patient that spends most of the time in bed, these mattresses can help. With conventional mattresses, in the long term, patients end up with sores and ulcers.

That’s where the medical mattresses are doing really great. So, what are the low air loss mattress benefits?

In short, these mattresses are helping patients stay comfortable without the negative side effects of laying all day. Regular mattresses trap body moisture and heat causing skin rashes while these keep the patient comfortable for extended periods.

Let’s go through the facts about low air loss mattresses that are common in modern hospitals and discuss their benefits.

What Is A Low Air Loss Mattress And How Does It Work?

These therapeutic low air loss mattresses are clinically proven and effective. What’s more, the method is durable, affordable, and extremely reliable.

While you can have patients using conventional mattresses, you need a caregiver around to be changing their sleep position. In other words, low air loss mattress for speedy recovery of patients confined to their beds for long periods without making their backs go numb. 

But first, let’s understand what a low air mattress is.

What Is A Low Air Loss Mattress?

A low air loss mattress is a specially designed mattress for bedridden patients. It can be used temporarily or permanently. The mattress features inflatable air tubes that allow air in and out in a periodical manner.

It is a unique design mattress that blows out air from tiny holes. The design ensures the body does not remain in the same place for long periods.

What Is A Low Air Loss Mattress

Continuous pressure on the same part of the body from lying can cause ulcers, wounds, bedsores, and rashes. Pressure wounds can be dangerous hence the need for these types of mattresses.

Low air loss mattresses are medical mattresses recommended for patients that spend most of the time in bed. You’ve probably seen caregivers rotate and move patients in bed to avoid them sleeping in the same position.

The mattresses mimic the roles of caregivers, therefore, helping treat and prevent pressure wounds. The periodical inflation and deflation mimic a patient shifting in bed. It is a special action that relieves pressure while ensuring proper air circulation.

Some of the common body parts affected by pressure include the heels, hips, shoulders, and elbows. They are versatile mattresses that work for the prevention and treatment of body pressure wounds. But how exactly do these mattresses work?

How do Low Air Loss Mattresses work?

The entire aim of a low air loss mattress is to have the patient float and avoid exerting a lot of pressure on specific body parts. The mattress features tiny holes that inflate and deflate air at certain times. Continuously blowing air makes the patient float on the mattress.

The action of floating helps reduce pressure between the patient and the mattress surface. Moisture on the patient gets wicked away and the skin stays dry and cool. The process of forcing air through the tiny holes wicks away moisture with it.

It is worth noting that keeping the patient’s skin dry is crucial to preventing and treating pressure wounds. Pressure wounds are fatal and can be a cause of constant pain. Patients can experience anything from mild pain to extreme pain depending on the severity of the wounds.

Ideally, the blowing of air is what reduces the skin pressure. It’s like changing the patient’s position involuntarily. The beds feature unique valves that ensure key cells under the mattress deflate and inflate.

What’s more, the head area of the mattress does not move. This ensures the patient sleeps undisturbed. The beds are versatile and designed in a manner that allows changes on how fast the mattress alternates.

Low Air Loss Mattress Benefits

So, what are the benefits of low air loss mattresses? I cannot overemphasize the importance of sleep. You need a good quality mattress to enjoy better sleep. And, for patients spending most of their time in bed, a low air loss mattress offers several benefits.

Low Air Loss Mattress Benefits

Below are some major benefits of low air loss mattresses

  • Increased blood flow: The mattresses ensure better blood flow by reducing pressure on specific parts of the body. By reducing pressure points, blood circulation is enhanced.
  • Greater Comfort: The mattresses provide greater comfort for bedridden patients. They do this by changing the sleeping position and reducing skin-mattresses pressure and heat. Pressure-relieving is essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. Wound pressure can be painful turning your nights into nightmares.
  • Better night sleep and Improved Overall Health: overall, most patients are able to enjoy better night sleep, improved overall health, and well-being. They get to enjoy their sleep without pain and have their body and mind relaxed.
  • Easy and quick setup: Unlike what most people think, these mattresses are extremely easy to set up. You can have them set up in a few minutes and patients enjoy their sleep.
  • Reliable and durable: The mattresses are extremely durable and reliable. You can be sure they will serve you well and for long periods. Wide range of models: What’s more, the mattresses are available in a wide range of models. You can easily find one that works for you at a great price. Their prices vary from a low of $900 to $10,000.
  • Soothing: Lastly, the mattresses are quite soothing because of the pulsalitating movements. You can be sure patients will have a great night’s sleep for the first time.

Who Would Benefit Most From Low Air Mattress?

Persons that lack adequate sensory perception, are immobilized and patients bedridden for one reason or the other are great candidates for these mattresses. They are mattresses designed for patients that rarely get to move and change positions while in bed.

Having a caregiver close is recommended, but the patients still require these mattresses. Ideally, patients with neurological problems and those with spinal cord injuries are ideal candidates for these mattresses. The mattresses act as a caregiver soothing and reducing body pressure while the patient is asleep. Any patient that is unable to shift their body while sleeping can use the bed.

Patients that already suffer from pressure wounds need to consider the beds right away. As indicated, the mattresses work for treatment and prevention.

Final Words

Okay, now you know what are the low air loss mattress benefits and why you should get one. To recap everything, a low air loss mattress is essential for any patient that is bedridden, immobilized, or with inadequate sensory perception.

The mattresses are medically recommended and offer several benefits to patients. It ensures patients have better nights without body pressure. They are able to avoid pressure wounds, rashes, and ulcers despite the many hours in bed.

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