How to Protect Air Mattress From Dog Nails – Learn the Best Ways

If you have a furry pet, such as a dog, you may see yourself always sleeping with your pet on your bed. While using an air mattress permanently or temporarily, keeping your dog off the bed could be challenging.

Besides the possibility of puncturing your air mattress with its nails, the nail could carry lots of dirt. These could stain your mattress or leave an irritating smell on it. To protect your air mattress from dog nails, you should cut and smoothen the pet’s nails. Training your pet always to wear socks or booties is not the best option.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to protect the air mattress from dog nails. Also, you will learn the best ways of keeping your dog from destroying your air mattress.

Will An Air Mattress Be Popped By A Dogs Nails?

Despite the convenience and portability of an air mattress, using it while keeping a furry pet could be risky. The delicate nature of air beds makes them susceptible to the claws and teeth of your canine companion.

Will An Air Mattress Be Popped By A Dogs Nails

However, when you have your dog with you and rolling on your air bed, its nails could pop your bed. The compatibility between dogs and air mattresses is very low. So, while camping with your furry pet, you should include perfect mattresses for camping with dogs with a proper build that doesn’t pop.

How To Protect Air Mattress From Dog Nails

Seeing that the air bed is susceptible to popping, you should work on how to protect your air mattress from nails. Here are how you can protect your air mattress from dog nails.

How To Protect Air Mattress From Dog Nails

Keep your dog’s nails short and smooth

Dogs belong to the family Canidae. The family has moderately elongated legs and feet. One of the major parts that a dog uses to puncture air mattresses is its non-retractile claws.

dog’s nails short and smooth

Having a dog as your pet means it can play with as long as you allow that. It’s always to roll and jump around as it plays. This creates the possibility of the dog popping your air mattress using its nails. The best you could do to protect your mattress is always to keep the nails of your pet short and smooth.

You can use a nail clipper to cut the nails of your dog regularly. Also, smoothen the nails to eliminate every trace of sharpness with a Dremel tool set.

Make your dog wear socks or booties

Most times, it may be difficult to completely keep your dog off from your air mattress while trying to protect the bed. Getting a dog sock and booties for your canine friend might do the protection magic.

Though some pets will always try to remove socks or bootie you put on them, you should not give up. Since your dog will want to be with you on your air mattress, you will need patience in training about wearing socks. With the socks and booties, the dog’s nails are considerably covered to protect your air bed. With consistent training, your dog will be well-groomed to keep its claws always covered and maintain the level of protection you want for your bed.

Get a mattress cover

If you’re finding it hard to keep your dog away from your air mattress, you may consider buying a mattress cover. Ensure you go for a pet-proof or puncture-proof cover for your bed. That will make it hard for your dog to either chew or scratch as it plays and jumps on your bed.

mattress cover

Also, besides protecting your air mattress from puncture, you can eliminate the stacking of pets’ hairs with suitable mattress covers. Moreover, it’s a brilliant method to keep off stains and smells from the claws and nails of your pet as you can wash it any time you want.

Get an alternative mattress for your dog

Keeping your dog completely off your air mattress remains the best way to protect it from the dog’s nails. You can get an alternative mattress that is comfortable for your dog to use. With grooming, your pet will adapt to sleeping on its bed without having to jump and possibly puncture your air mattress.

What’s The Best Way To Keep My Dog From Destroying My Air Mattress?

Good and durable air mattresses are quite costly, and you wouldn’t like the quick destruction of such a valuable property. So here are the ways to keep your dog from destroying your air mattress.

Make your bed with layers that are durable and affordable

A dog will always want to jump, roll, and play with you on your air mattress. Making your bed with good and durable layers or covers helps to protect the mattress from your dog’s punctures.

Besides punctures from your dog’s nails, the bed layers will protect your mattress from stains and dirt. There’s the possibility of your pet picking up dust and dirt as it moves around. It may easily transfer such dirt and stains directly to your bed.

Create a bed on top of the air mattress for your dog

It may remain a challenging task if you’re trying to stop your dog from climbing your air mattress. One of the possible ways to protect your mattress is to create a bed on top of your bed for the pet. You can dedicate a particular corner of the mattress to the dog.

Using a blanket, a pillow, or small bedding on top of your air mattress, you can create your dog’s bed on your air mattress. So, once your pet comes on top of your mattress, it will move straight to its position on the bed.

Train the dog to keep to its bed

This option for protecting your air mattress seems difficult, but it’s the best. When your dog learns to stick to its bed, it will completely eliminate issues of mattress puncture through its nails and claws.

Final Thought

Air mattresses are significant investments that can serve you both for indoor and outdoor purposes. However, having your canine friend with you on the mattress poses a huge risk, as the dog might puncture your bed with its nails. And that’s where the guides above about how to protect the air mattress from dog nails will come into play.

The procedure is quite simple, you trim the dog’s nail and take the sharpness away, and prepare the bed to withstand such impact. Also, you can use bed layers to cover your air mattress or create a bed for your dog on top of your air mattress. However, be sure to use proper tools to trim the nails and use good quality toppers to protect the bed.

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