Are There Any Sleep Advantages to Having an Elevated Mattress?

Mattresses are the most used and necessary surface to sleep on while sleeping position matters for healthy living. Snoring, sleep apnea, Asthma, Acid reflux, Insomnia, and so many other health issues can be avoided with an elevated bed. Now, most mattresses don’t allow you to have it adjusted and keep your head and heart elevated.

However, there are mattresses, available at a premium segment that does have the feature to be elevated on the upper side. Are there any sleep advantages to having an elevated mattress? Is the extra hassle of setting up and cost worth it?

Well, the good news is, there are sleep advantages that come with sleeping on an elevated mattress. These mattresses grant you comfortable sleep all night long. So, let’s explore the advantages of sleeping on an elevated mattress and see why you should sleep on one.

What is an Elevated Mattress?

An elevated mattress is a flexible type of mattress that can be positioned in several ways. It lifts the upper parts of the body, including the head and heart, in a non-dependent manner. It could be adjusted to any height that is comfortable for you.

What is an Elevated Mattress

Hospitals and health care centers use such elevated mattresses because they give relief to patients with diverse health conditions. But now, the trend has changed lately and elevated mattresses found their way into homes with all their health benefits.

An elevated mattress helps to provide pleasant sleep, ensures that blood circulates to the different areas in the body where it is needed, and gives quick recovery to those who were operated on and yet to regain their health.

Now, what if you already have a flat mattress or flat bed that doesn’t allow you to elevate the mattress? No worries, there are high quality effective mattress elevators are available to turn your current flat mattress into an elevated one.

Are There Any Sleep Advantages to Having an Elevated Mattress?

Are there any sleep advantages in having an elevated mattress? Elevated mattresses are commonly known as the best mattresses that help to give one a good sleep. And a good night’s sleep has a lot of benefits subject to the surface you sleep on. Below, we have given some advantages of having an elevated mattress.

Are There Any Sleep Advantages to Having an Elevated Mattress

1. It Helps to Boost Blood Circulation

Regular flat mattresses don’t provide sufficient support for the heart. At this point, your blood pressure level may begin to reduce, and it becomes difficult for the heart to meet its demand for blood circulation. But with an elevated mattress, blood circulation turns out to be easy and makes the heart function and pump blood properly.

Suppose you’re someone who usually has inflated feet or a diabetic patient; you can switch your sleeping position by moving your legs to the elevated part of the mattress and allowing your head to slant lower. By doing so, reduces the swollen areas and maintains all diabetic levels to normal.

2. It Aids Good Digestion

Lying on a flat mattress could cause indigestion of food to those that eat at odd hours. It makes the food transit back to the mouth, gives it a sour taste, and could result in heartburn. Heartburn is caused by indigestion, and it is a symptom of acid reflux, which brings about a burning sensation that occurs behind the breastbone.

Lying on an elevated mattress helps aid digestion easily and puts an end to acid reflux or constipation.

3. It Alleviates Joint Pain

Alleviates Joint Pain

A flat mattress piles up pressure on the joints in your body and may worsen those diagnosed with chronic pain and arthritis. More than three hundred and fifty million people deal with arthritis among those who make use of flat mattresses find no relief from it.

But with an elevated mattress, looking for the right sleeping position won’t be a difficult task because every area of your mattress is comfortable and can help you reduce the pains in various joints of your body.

4. Reduces Snoring

Reduces Snoring

Snoring is caused by nasal congestion. When your nose is partially blocked, it becomes hard to breathe without struggling. Snoring happens when your breathing seizes as you sleep, and the noises that come out of your throat are the sound of air trying to come out.

It could lead to sleep apnea and other heart conditions if not properly taken care of. That is why it is good to use an elevated mattress. It reduces snoring by taking away the pressure placed on your nostrils, allowing your breath to flow freely, and making breathing easy for you.

5. It Detoxifies the Brain

Detoxifies the Brain

Sleeping on an elevated mattress brings about brain detoxification. The research that the institute of health concluded that the nervous system works perfectly when the head side of your mattress is elevated properly.

It also reduces pain in the nervous system. Nervous system problems include spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and others. Sleeping on an elevated mattress will help reduce pressure from the nerves, keeping your body and mind calm as they need.

6. Makes You Sleep on Time

Sometimes, you find it hard to sleep, maybe due to the day’s stress. You feel uncomfortable trying to find the best position for the night on your regular mattress. But when you switch to an elevated mattress, the narration will change.

It will lift your head and put your legs at an appropriate angle of height. Then, you will feel relaxed, and sleep will come on time. You’ll sleep like a baby with zero worries and wake up fully ready to squash the day.

Does the Height of Your Bed Have an Impact on Your Sleep?

You may believe that the height of your bed has an impact on your sleep. In Feng Shui, it is perceived that the amount of energy that moves around the bed can determine how good your sleep is. So, to achieve good sleep with this level, the height of your bed shouldn’t be too much.

Generally, the best height for your mattress is six to seven inches, as it matters more to your sleep’s comfort. The height of your beds should be the one you are most comfortable with. It can be equal to how tall you are on the side. It may not sound very clear, but it’s that simple.

Final Thought

So, you have seen that it is good to elevate your mattress because it has great advantages to your health. It is great to invest in an effective mattress elevator, which will help lift your head and leg sides comfortably. That being said, if you already have a flat mattress or don’t want to invest in another, purchase an elevator or use a good wedge pillow.

To recap the whole idea, are there any sleeping advantages to having an elevated mattress? Yes, you can have numerous health benefits using an elevated mattress. Hence, it is good to lay on a natural position while your head and heart are slightly elevated to ensure good flow and circulating.

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