Can You Sleep On An Air Mattress Permanently?

Most of us are used to sleeping on the air mattress on vacations and picnics or might be for a sudden sleepover occasion. But do you ever consider about sleep on an air mattress permanently? According to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 108 infant death cases are recorded between 2004 to 2015 for air mattresses for imbalance sleeping.

On the other hand, the risks of using the air mattress permanently might also put you in a questionable situation. What about the hospital’s air mattresses?

There is no doubt that the hospital’s materials are designed and made in an extensive experimental way, and the expense is not cheaper either. However, knowing about the benefits and risks of the air mattress and how to improve its uses might be the answer about can you sleep on an air mattress permanently.

Is An Air Mattress Beneficial?

There are some benefits of using Air Mattress as a regular bed as well. Especially while camping and hiking are becoming more popular recently, the outing becomes comfortable and less weight with the help of air beds.

Save Money

If you are worried about the budget, the air bed could be a lifesaver. People should admit that the air bed is not the best way to sleep permanently, but instead of a sofa, it should be useable. Also, if you are not able to buy the costly traditional bed temporarily, it will work as your good fellow.

Save Space

Living in a tiny and tight space is challenging. So many tine apartments are very common on the east coast of the US. Whatever the situation is, it should be a solution. Air mattresses can be deflated in less than two minutes. Roll up the bed and keep it in a bag or box. Now, enjoy your space.

Fewer Weights

For outing arrangements, this setup is like a lifeguard. However, a camping inflatable mattress with manual pumps or electric pumps may weigh 9 to 12 kg which must be added comfort and an enjoyable outing either it is in your RVs or any camping spot.

How to Improve Air Mattress Experiences

To know some benefits of using the air mattress, you may face some risks after long use of it. But if you take the needed precautions to improve the experience, the air mattress is the right choice compared to a regular mattress. By following some advice, you will have a mental and physical health balance and better experiences.

How to Improve Air Mattress Experiences

Deflate and Inflate

Seemingly, does air mattress keep losing air? Air beds break for Overinflation.

By doing Deflate and Inflate regularly, you can save the material and its sole. The air mattresses are largely designed by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber that expands the air pumps in the mattress, but too much pressure will be the reason for its leakage.

Use a Mattress Topper

Using an extra mattress on top can give you a level of comfort and improve your air mattress experience, besides, for some people who are feeling inflammation or achy in the morning after sleeping on an air bed. However, a memory foam topper is significantly less weight maintenance, and easily your body weights can air mattress hold the entire night. It also helps you with better spinal alignment from using it on a regular basis

Invest In Quality Sheets

Although quality sheets don’t matter about periods of sleep in air mattresses, they will be about the comforts and temperature control. You can say it is a bit of luxury with an improvement that doesn’t have anything to do with firmness level or technical improvements like air pressure relief.

Can You Sleep On An Air Mattress Permanently?

If you expect me to give a quick answer, so the answer is no. You shouldn’t sleep on an air mattress permanently. But, if you take the poor quality mattress, that will be the worst decision you have ever made. You can feel so many risks in your body if you take it or live it for months.

Sleep On An Air Mattress Permanently

Risks That You Might Face While Using An Air Mattress For A Long Time

People may choose the air mattress to sleep on, but it might face long-term injuries or pain if the risks are avoided. According to nursing time, a high-tech air mattress has better preserving pressure and is safe for some patients, but this tool should not be very helpful if used permanently.

Low air loss mattress for speedy recovery can be used for having a risk-free life, and some risks people should know for better knowledge about air mattresses.

  • Poor Body Support: Using this bed will not be effective and supportive for the body. This means the body will miss the proper spine and alignment balance through the night. Finally, it can be the reason for knee pain—back pain and severe neck pain issues.
  • Temperature Regulation: Air mattresses are made of synthetic material so that it is not a breathable piece of leather. Also, the bed cannot identify the temperature of the body. So after sleeping it the entire night, you might feel sweaty and uncomfortable about this issue.
  • Made of Toxic elements: The air mattresses are made of plastics and rubbery components full of heavy chemicals that can harm your body and breathing. Internal air coils can deflate individually, having impact on the level of inflation as well as the level of firmness.
  • Pumps replacement is expensive: Many types of pumps can be used in pumping the air mattress. Hand pumps, manual pumps, or build-in pumps can be used regularly, but it takes cost when it breaks or when the pump is replacing. You need to open up the mattress to change the built-in pump, unlike an electric pump.


To know about can you sleep on an air mattress permanently, an air mattress is a very convenient sleeping location as an alternative to traditional beds. However, it has many practical benefits for vacations. Besides, those who want to consider it as a permanent bed, make sure know the brand and quality one.

In brief, the traditional mattress and air mattress are not poles apart, but the users, how long they will use it, and the maintenance will eventually save you from any damage and discomfort. At last, pumps your product and purchase what type of mattress will give you comfort levels.

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