Why Narrow Air Mattresses Have Bumps?

Some people love sleeping on narrow air mattresses, while others hate them. But these mattresses are efficient in providing the temporary bedding you need for a guest. Moreover, they are affordable and easy to use, especially when you go camping and need a portable bed to use in the wild.

Also, they are very comfortable, not until you begin to feel bumps on the mattress directly under your spine. That’s why many people usually wonder why narrow air mattresses have bumps in them.

The bumps keep them balanced instead of floating uncontrollably. These bumps are produced from the air you pump into the mattress. But, if you’re curious about other reasons for the bumps, we’ve talked about them all below.

What Is It?


Bumps are sudden expansion, curved or round swell of a spot. They don’t happen naturally but are caused by an effect of something. As a result, it protrudes and becomes outwardly bulgy.

Bumps change the original shape of an object or the air mattress. Moreover, when you remove the causes of bumps, the object will return to its normal position.

air mattress Bumps

Air Mattress

An air mattress is also called a blow-up bed, an airbed, or a water toy. It is a kind of mattress which is produced with plastic or rubber. You can inflate it by pumping air into it through its valve, either with a manual or electric pump.

However, some air mattresses automatically inflate themselves when you open the valve. They are extremely helpful in guest rooms, or camping. This is because they’re very light and provide temporary beddings whenever necessary.

Not for kids

However, parents are warned not to allow their babies to lie on it. It can suffocate young children (those below one year), even though an air mattress is soft and tender to the skin. Also, the material, Phthalate plasticizers used in manufacturing air mattresses, is not safe for kids. They are poisonous and can cause health issues in children.

Narrow airbeds are more popular

People mostly go for narrow air mattresses because they don’t consume much space when storing or using them. Moreover, you can get a brand without the harmful Phthalate plasticizers or any chemical that can cause allergy to children’s skin. So if you are expecting visitors, and you don’t have enough space for a bed at home, go for the narrow air mattress.

Getting a lightweight narrow air mattress is a smart decision because while being small, it’s easier to inflate or carry. Also, you can take them neatly into a duffel bag. It is soft-locked, comfortable, and some are even resistant to water. Cool, right?

Why Narrow Air Mattresses Have Bumps

After laying on a brand new air mattress for the first time, you may notice that it is not very smooth but has some bumps.

So, why narrow air mattresses have bumps, and are they bad to have? Some of the reasons you notice bumps in your air mattress are as follows:

Why Narrow Air Mattresses Have Bumps

  • The main reason is that manufacturers need to connect the upper and lower surface and the places in between get bumps when you inflate the mattress.
  • Another good reason is, the bumps are there to balance the mattress when you lie on the bed or leave the bed. The bumps work as anchors for the bed.
  • They keep the mattress from moving around by keeping the top & bottom sides of the stable.
  • Bumps provide minor support for your back so you don’t sink on the ground.

How do you get a Bump Out of an Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are not as durable as they seem to be, but there are hacks to make them have a long life span and still remain in good condition. For instance, your air mattress may likely have a bump on the surface, and this can make it look unattractive.

Notwithstanding, there are ways around it. Ways to get a bump out of your air mattresses and maintain them in such a way that they will remain in good shape for several years include:

How do you get a Bump Out of an Air Mattress

  • Deflate and uncover all attachments on it. If the bumps are many, start with the biggest one first. Remember that to avoid tearing your mattress, you should apply light pressure to it. Repeat this step if you have a lot of bumps in your mattress.
  • Try to open the valve a little for air to escape, but not all. It should be done in some cases where there are still bumps. The bump will disappear, but all the air won’t escape.
  • After the above step, you can pump more air into the mattress appropriately with an air pump. Manual or electric pumps can assist in pumping your mattress. Carefully place your hand on the mattress to check if you’re comfortable with the firmness or softness.

Note: Repeat the previous step if you notice that your mattress still has a bump.

You should cover the valve so that the air would not leak out. Check the valve for leakage to avoid deflation while sleeping on it.

Final Thought

If you’ve been wondering why narrow air mattresses have bumps, now you should have a clear understanding of it. Bumps provide a comfortable, balanced surface for a restful sleep. As the manufacturers have to connect the upper and lower parts of the mattress to keep it from inflating like a balloon, they leave little pockets while connecting.

These little air pockets make the bumps as you see them. Despite the bumps, they are still the perfect mattresses for hangouts and sleepovers, especially for camping. Most of all, these mattresses are easy to maintain and store since they’re foldable. So, if you’re planning to get one, no worries, it’s absolutely okay to have bumps. These bumps don’t hamper the integrity of the mattress. 

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