Is It Bad to leave An Air Mattress Inflated?

Many people love the ease with which they can use an air mattress to accommodate guests overnight. But then the idea of inflating and deflating it after use only to inflate it again for another is really tiring. That’s why people wonder if leaving the air mattress inflated causes problems since they don’t like deflating and re-inflating it every day.

So, is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated? Well, it isn’t bad at all as long as your air mattress is in top condition. But then, it is not advisable to leave it inflated for too long; it can result in unfavorable situations over time.

This article will discuss what happens when you leave your air mattress inflated. Also, you will know the correct ways to use an air mattress. Keep reading to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • You shouldn’t leave air in the air mattress inflated when it is not in use. You should store it away after removing all the air within.
  • To keep the air mattress in its inflated form, don’t allow your pets to go near it. Also, don’t allow any sharp object close to it, and maintain it properly.
  • Your air mattress can start deflating some air if it is kept inflated for longer periods of time.

Is It Bad To Leave An Air Mattress Inflated?

If you want to use your air mattress every day, it is more sensible to keep it inflated. However, if you’ve decided to keep it inflated, you need to protect the mattress from any prospective source of damage. However, if you can safeguard your air mattress from danger, you can leave it inflated for longer periods.

Note: The seams of air mattresses are delicate, and this means that you need to handle them with care. When you deflate and re-inflate them regularly, it is likely to stress the seams. The result of the seam tension will be a leak or rupture. So, reducing the frequency of inflating and deflating will help extend its useful life. But while keeping it inflated, make sure to add more air to it since it is likely to deflate the air in the long run.

Is It Bad To Leave An Air Mattress Inflated

However, while it is beneficial to leave your mattress inflated for longer periods of time, it also has its downside. That’s why you must keep any damaging item far from the inflated mattress to avoid puncture. So the answer to is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated is that it isn’t. But you must protect it.

Effects of Constantly Inflating and Deflating your Air Mattress

  • It can consume too much of your time.
  • Constant deflating and re-inflating can cause wear and tear on the air mattress.
  • It can lead to stress on the air mattress seams, which can cost you money for a replacement.
  • Inability to keep air for longer periods
  • If your model comes with a built-in air pump, you will have to spend money on batteries.

Since you will be using the air mattress for a longer time, it is better to leave it inflated for that period. You should avoid deflating and inflating it regularly. Moreover, it eats into your time to carry out such an operation every day.

Tips to leave the Air Mattress Inflated

  • Keep it in a safe place
  • Try to keep it away from children and pets
  • Always leave it on soft surfaces
  • Don’t allow sharp objects close to it
  • Remember to use covers on the air mattress

With these precautions, your air mattress can remain inflated for a very long time. Moreover, it will also keep the temperature away from causing it to deflate overnight.

What Happens If You Leave An Air Mattress Inflated?

Keeping an air mattress inflated for a short period does not come with consequences. But when you keep it inflated for a long period, it can result in the following;

  • It can start losing air.
  • The mattress can become compressed in the long run
  • The air mattress can even get a leak which can cause it to explode
  • It can become exposed to things that’ll puncture the air mattress.
  • Your pets or children will likely play around with it often, and they can dig a hole in it.

So, it is advisable to deflate your air mattress and store it away if you are not using it for a long time.

How Long Should An Air Mattress Stay Inflated?

An air mattress should be in its inflated form for as long as its air doesn’t go out through outside ruptures or leaks. If the air goes out after a short time, you should examine it for seam rupture or leakage.

An air mattress in top-notch condition can work for many years before it starts leaking. Any superior quality air mattress maintained properly can last for about 10 to 15 years. Although, some air mattresses begin to leak at old age

How Long Should An Air Mattress Stay Inflated

However, if you use the air mattress every day as a bed, its lifespan is likely to reduce. The mattress can only last for about 6 months before it starts leaking air. But according to the air mattress manufacturers, you should replace your air mattress after 8 years of use.

As for how long an air mattress should stay inflated before use, it should at least stay for 48 hours. That is before you can put any weight on it. When you want to purchase an air mattress, the cells, seams, and other components require a certain time to stretch into their normal shape. So, you need to keep it inflated for 2 days to allow it to turn to its natural form and then add weight to it.

How Do You Use Your Inflatable Mattress Correctly?

Some of the measures you can take to use your air mattress correctly include examining it before inflating, checking it periodically, cleaning the sleeping area properly, storing it safely, using bedding, etc.

How Do You Use Your Inflatable Mattress Correctly

Let’s examine the following points in detail below.

Test and Examine It Before taking it Home

You need to check the mattress before you take it home. So once you buy, inflate it and allow it to stay inflated for some hours. That will help you ascertain that the product is in top condition.

But don’t start to inflate an air mattress immediately after you bring it out from the store. You need to spread out the mattress on a harmless surface. Inspect it for tears, holes, or any creepy crawling insect which are likely to hide within its folds.

Also, examine it for molds that may have developed if the bed is damp or stored within a humid area. You can even inhale the mattress to check whether there is any out-of-place odor. If you are certain that the air mattress is in top-notch condition, you can inflate it.

Be careful of Your Surroundings

You should be very careful of your surroundings before blowing air inside your air mattress. Always be sure that your air mattress is set in a place that is free of prospective popping hazards. Any sharp stone or spare thumbtack can cause damage to an inflated bed.

Try to vacuum or sweep the interior of your space before you can lay your deflated air mattress on it. That is if you are inside. But if you are outdoors, clean up any stone or sharp stick around. Too much heat can wreak havoc on an air mattress.

So, keep it away from campfires, heat vents, or space heaters.

Always Inflate the Mattress to the Appropriate Pressure

Inflating an air mattress to the right pressure level is not always easy. If you under-inflated the mattress, you are likely to sleep uncomfortably. On the other hand, if you over-inflate the mattress, you will probably create micro-cracks as well as suffer from backache. So, make sure you get the right level of air into the air mattress.


The way you store your air mattress during and after use can go a long way to increasing its lifespan. Allowing your air mattress to deflate on its own is the best deflation method. Make sure that the surface you are folding up your mattress doesn’t have protruding objects.

Then, roll up the mattress first width ways in 2 for a 70cm wide air mattress. Fold into 3 for a 120cm wide air mattress and into 4 for any 140cm wide mattress. You can now roll up the mattress through its length, beginning from the opposite of the valve.

That will help you clear up any residual air as you compress the mattress. Then use its protective cover to store it.

Use Bedding

It is compulsory to use proper bedding on your air mattress for greater comfort and extend its lifespan. Using blankets and pads can aid the protection of an air mattress against hazards like; sharp objects, children, or pet claws.

Additionally, it can prevent the vinyl from wear and protect the mattress from dead skin particles and dust buildup. You can go for a waterproof protector if kids will be using your air mattress.

Maintain Cleanliness

The first thing you need to do to prevent your air mattress from puncture is to prepare your sleeping area. You need to clear away large and small stones, wood pieces, thorns, branches, or any other sharp object that can puncture the tent’s groundsheet.

Also, no matter how neat or dirty your camping trip or guests are, you should clean your air bed at intervals. Maintaining a good level of cleanliness will eliminate bacteria, residue, or dirt. Use a simple solution and cloth to clean your mattress while it is yet inflated.

Don’t make use of caustic chemicals like ammonia and bleach or brushes containing bristles. Always rinse with water after cleaning and dry it with a towel before you deflate the mattress.

Check on the Mattress Periodically

Even though the mattress is no longer in use, don’t forget to check it now and then. That is the best way to maintain its functionality for long-term periods. You should also bring it out at intervals to inflate it across the year to ensure that it can still hold air and is free of pests and mildew. After checking it out, you can then deflate it again for proper storage.

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Buying an air mattress is a great investment. If you can use it properly, it will definitely last you for a very long time. We believe this article has answered your earlier question of is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

Deflating and inflating an air mattress is not good for its longevity. So, it’s better to leave it inflated if you’re using it every day. But while doing that, make sure you remove every hazardous item around it to avoid puncture.

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