How to Move a Queen Size Mattress in a Pickup Truck (EASY!)

Moving can get annoying if you don’t know the right tricks and hacks. Especially with transport, it’s important to know how to move certain objects properly to avoid extra hassle. Such as moving a queen-size mattress in a pickup truck. Will it even fit? Is it even a good idea?

Well, you can move a queen-size mattress in a pickup truck, but as the mattress is quite large, you need to know the right method. You can move a queen-size mattress in a pickup truck in several ways.

And in this article, we’ll cover all methods and give you a few extra tips to ensure a comfortable moving process for you. So, keep reading to learn more.

How to Move a Queen Size Mattress in a Pickup Truck?

You can use a folded or exposed mattress method to move a queen-size mattress in a pickup truck. Here is a brief description of both:

How to Move a Queen Size Mattress in a Pickup Truck

Method 1: Moving A Queen-size Mattress Using A Folded Method

As a pickup truck’s bed frame isn’t generally as large as a queen-size mattress, an easy way to fit the mattress is by folding it. First, fold your mattress properly and seal it with a mattress bag or painter’s plastic to protect it from dust and tear.

Moving a queen-size mattress using a folded method

Next, open the tailgate flat out and place the queen size bed in the truck. Now, lock the mattress in place using ratchet straps or rope. However, we recommend using ratchet straps as they can hold objects much better than rope.

Use the anchor points of your pickup trucks to lock in the seal properly. Also, place cardboard or any hardboard under the mattress to protect it from additional damage while the truck moves.

Using a tarp or waterproof mattress covers is better if you’re moving during a gray forecast.

Method 2: Moving A Queen-size Mattress Using An Exposed Mattress Method

If you don’t want to fold your queen-size mattress, you can leave it exposed while moving it in your pickup truck. But queen-size mattresses are 60X80 inches, which is generally a bit larger than an average pickup truck’s bed frame. So, there are a few important things to remember.

Moving a queen-size mattress using an exposed mattress method

Firstly, just like the last step, properly seal your queen-size mattress with a mattress cover and strap it in. But while placing the bed, make sure it’s flat out. Standing the mattress upright while moving will cause a lot of issues.

When placing the queen-size mattress flat out, you may notice it doesn’t fully fit. But that’s not an issue. Simply rest up the mattress on one side of the pickup truck to properly fit the mattress in the truck’s bed.

This way, one side of the mattress should be elevated while the other stays on the inside part of the pickup truck’s bed. Also, be sure to put cardboard or any type of support underneath the queen-size mattress for protection.

How to Properly Cover a Queen Size Mattress to Move in a Pickup Truck?

Knowing how to cover a queen-size mattress is essential to ensure it doesn’t get dirty while moving in a pickup truck. It doesn’t matter the distance; your mattress will get dirty the second it gets out in the open.

How to Properly Cover a Queen Size Mattress to Move in a Pickup Truck

And now that you know how to move your queen-size mattress in a pickup truck, it’s time for you to learn how to cover it properly. Follow these steps:

What you’ll need:

  • 5mil mattress bag or painter’s plastic
  • Rope or ratchet strap
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Covering A Queen-size Mattress With A Mattress Bag

Mattress bags are made to keep dirt, insects, and water out of the mattress while moving or renovating your house.

Covering a queen-size mattress with a mattress bag

However, be sure the mattress bag is 3.5 mil thick, so it doesn’t tear open once everything is locked in. To cover your queen-size mattress with a mattress cover, do this:

  • Lay the mattress flat on the ground and put the mattress bag on.
  • Now, fold the mattress and tie it in with a ratchet strap for the folding method. The strap should be tied tightly!
  • If you prefer an exposed mattress while moving, simply put the mattress in the mattress cover and strap it in tightly

Step 2: Covering A Queen Size Mattress With Painter’s Plastic

3.5 mil thick painter’s plastic will give your queen-size mattress almost equal protection to a mattress bag. The only downside is you’ll have to put in some extra work on the covering as painter’s plastic doesn’t come in bed sizes. Follow these steps:

Covering a queen size mattress with painter’s plastic

  • Lay the painter’s plastic flat on the ground;
  • Now, place the queen-size mattress on top of the painter’s plastic;
  • For the folding method, fold the mattress and cover each side of the mattress by order. Make sure you layer the painter’s plastic on top of each other;
  • From each side, do the same;
  • Now, use a ducktape with a hard hold and tape the edges of the cover;
  • Lastly, lock in the seal with a ratchet strap or rope;
  • Repeat the same process for the exposed mattress method without folding the mattress itself.

You can use a tarp if you don’t have either the mattress bag or painter’s plastic. However, tarp is known to be a harsh material and more prone to dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you should have a much better understanding of how to move a queen-size mattress in a pickup truck. But to round it all up, here are some common questions about today’s topic.

Do Queen-size Mattresses Fit In A Pickup Truck?

Yes. While the mattress may not fit perfectly, queen-size mattresses still do fit in pickup trucks. Especially while moving, many people like to move their queen-size mattresses using the help of pickup trucks.

Are Queen-size Mattresses Larger Than Pickup Truck Beds?

Queen-size mattresses are slightly larger than pickup truck beds. This often causes issues with moving, as pickup trucks can’t fully fit a queen size bed. However, using a couple of tricks, you can make it work.

Can I Use Bed Sheets To Cover My Queen-size Mattress While Moving?

You can definitely use bedsheets as a cover, but they won’t offer much protection. While bedsheets can be a last-minute DIY, mattress covers usually work a lot better in dust protection and even rain cover while moving.

Can I Move A Queen-size Mattress By Placing It On Top Of A Pickup Truck’s Hood?

Moving a queen-size mattress on top of a pickup truck’s hood is not advisable. The biggest concern here is the potential risk. The mattress can easily slip off the truck, causing accidents for you or other cars.


Ultimately, unless you really like your queen-size mattress, it’s better not to move with it. But if you do have to move with it, make the extra effort to ensure its protection.

Mattresses are heavily prone to dust, and a mattress as large as a queen size can be a hassle. So, properly sealing it off can save you a world of trouble. At the end of the day, your goal while moving should always be to reduce work.

So, if you need help moving your queen-size mattress in a pickup truck, you can always return to our article. And until next time, happy moving!

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