How To Make A Crib Mattress More Comfortable?

Babies follow no sleeping patterns. They change their position several times over the night, and the riskiest thing is when the baby faces down to the soft surface.

Likely, they can’t get over to their usual sleeping position on their own. And, the upside-down condition can cause fatal suffocation, as reported by Reuters.

So, in most crib mattresses available, you will not feel so soft but firm on touch. However, that’s not bad, but better for the baby. Besides safety, the baby also needs comfort at the same time.

Moreover, there are a couple of ways to do that, which you will get to know in further discussions on how to make crib mattresses more comfortable. Let’s dive in!

What Kind of Mattress You Should Use In The Crib

Once you get the right crib for your baby, the essential thing you might look for is the crib mattress. Apparently, a baby spends 16 hours a day in the crib, and the mattress plays a vital role in the baby’s growth and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to find the one your baby will feel comfortable with assured safety. There are two common kinds of crib mattresses you can find. One is foam, and the other is innerspring.

Mattress You Should Use In The Crib

The foam mattresses are lighter in weight and softer in comparison with the spring mattresses. Also, they are available in different qualities and price ranges. Most of the time, the foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam. But nowadays, soy foam ones are also available. However, in terms of durability, they last less long than spring mattresses.

The second most common type of mattress for cribs is the spring mattress. They are available from the spring count of 80-120. Likewise, the more the spring counts, the more firm it is. Considerably they are heavier in weight because of the spring. But, these mattresses are durable enough and the safest ones. Also, you can use them from the baby to toddler period of the baby.

Comparing both types, I recommend you to go for foam mattresses if you want a crib mattress under $100. And, if you have a higher budget and want a mattress that will serve long, you can choose the spring one.

How To Make A Crib Mattress More Comfortable

Babies are not like us. The definition of comfort when it comes to babies is not what we think for ourselves. Apparently, grown-ups feel comfort in softness when babies feel it in different ways. Also, we need pillows to sleep, but babies don’t.

How To Make A Crib Mattress More Comfortable

Besides, we have complete control over the body, which babies don’t have. So, ensuring comfort for the baby is a tricky matter to solve. However, there are several ways to make a crib mattress comfortable for a baby. But the most efficient of them are:

Using Extra paddings

Lying the baby directly on the mattress is uncomfortable and a bit problematic as the babies do not have control over their bladder. So, adding some extra paddings with a waterproof sheet can be helpful.

First, you can buy a baby crib mattress topper online or in-store. Then, cut it following the measurement of the crib. Now, get a waterproof sheet and roll it on the mattress, matching the size. After that, apply the soft crib mattress pad and cover it with a soft cover. And, you are all good to lie down your baby in the crib.

Note: try not to use memory foam mattresses as they retain much heat.

Use Blanket

This is the most affordable way to make the crib mattress comfortable. Moreover, the blanket is one of the essential things every baby has. And the blanket over the mattress may not make it the most comfortable one but safe enough for the baby. Also, it helps the baby to sleep better.

Swaddling Up the Baby

Swaddling means to wrap up the baby with soft clothing. Mostly, newborns need swaddling all the time. And to swaddle them with a soft cloth is excellent comfortable bedding for them.

The wrapping doesn’t just keep them warm but also makes the sleeping surface more comfortable. However, the process of swaddling only works for the newborns until it starts to move or roll. 

How Often Should I Change the Crib Mattress?

Like everything, the crib mattresses also have expiry dates. By that time, we have discussed the type of mattresses and which one lasts longer. Yet, you need to know that the average life span of a mattress is 3 to 5 years. This time period is average. It can extend depending on your caring and can get decreased if you do not keep it carefully.

Here one crucial factor to notice is that babies like to leak, whether it’s vomit or urine. So, sometimes the mattress absorbs the fluid, which can lead to bacterial manifestation. That’s why it is better to check the mattress’s firmness is okay, and it smells good.

Final Thoughts

Crib mattresses come firmly built because of the baby’s safety, which we have described in this article. However, the ways about how to make a crib mattress more comfortable we have described are all tested and applied.

So, you can apply them as instructed. But keep in mind not to make the mattress too soft as it can lead the baby to suffocate for life, as the American Academy of Pediatrics reports say.

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