How to Elevate an Air Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide for Maximum Comfort 

Comfort is a must when it comes to sleeping. A perfect sleeping interface lets us have a restful sleep throughout the night. If you have an air mattress, you can create a more comfortable sleeping interface by elevating it. But do you know how to elevate an air mattress?

You can raise our air mattresses in various ways. But you must do it correctly to ensure the napping space is at its best. Elevating an air mattress can significantly enhance our sleeping experience by providing better insulation from the cold ground, improved support, and increased comfort.

If you’re a newbie or don’t know how to do it, this step-by-step guide will be your ultimate assistant.

How to Elevate an Air Mattress?

Converting your air mattress into a regular bed is ideal to enhance sleep quality and save money. If you don’t know how to elevate an air mattress, check this detailed guide and follow the steps.

How to Elevate an Air Mattress


A few materials will be required to elevate the air mattress.

  1. Air mattress
  2. Elevated surface (bed frame, platform, camping cot, or similar)
  3. Bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows)

Step 1: Choose the Right Elevated Surface

First, you will need to select an elevated surface that provides sturdy and even support for your air mattress. The surface could be a traditional bed frame, a platform designed for air mattresses, a camping cot, or any other surface that lifts the mattress off the ground.

Choose the right one that fits with your interest and budget. Based on my experience, the bed frame and camping cot are the best options for the air mattress to choose as an elevated platform.

Step 2: Clear the Surface

It is essential to clean the surface where you will place the mattress. Before placing your air mattress on an elevated surface, ensure the area is free of any sharp objects, debris, or potential hazards that could puncture or damage the mattress.

Step 3: Inflate the Air Mattress

Now, inflate your air mattress using the appropriate pump to your desired firmness. Inflating the air mattress before elevating it is necessary to get optimal support as well as comfort.

Step 4: Position the Air Mattress on the Elevated Surface

It’s time to carefully lift your fully inflated air mattress and position it on the chosen elevated surface. Place the mattress in the center and distribute it evenly to prevent any overhang or imbalance.

Position the Air Mattress on the Elevated Surface

I recommend getting help from someone in this step to do it accurately. If you’re elevating the air mattress on a bed frame or camping cot, measure the dimensions of the mattress and its holder to make the step easier.

Step 5: Secure the Air Mattress

If your elevated surface has securing mechanisms or straps, use them to keep the air mattress in place. This will prevent the mattress from sliding or shifting during the night and ensure a stable and comfortable sleeping surface.

Step 6: Add Bedding

After perfectly placing the air mattress, it’s time to dress it with appropriate bedding, including fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, and pillows. Tuck in the sheets securely to maintain a neat and comfortable sleeping environment. A decorative sleeping spot provides peace of mind and restful sleep.

Step 7: Test for Stability

Before jumping on your elevated mattress, please give it a quick stability check by pressing different areas. A quick inspection helps ensure the air mattress is securely positioned on the lifting surface.

Step 8: Adjust as Necessary

After checking for stability, make adjustments as needed if you notice any unevenness or discomfort. This may involve redistributing the air within the mattress or repositioning it on an elevated surface to achieve optimal comfort.

You can also use box springs, bed risers, and blocks underneath the mattress to elevate it. Eventually, all you will need is a flat surface, and then choose what will give the utmost sleeping experience for elevating the air mattress.

Keep reading the article to learn about the benefits of having an elevated air mattress.

Why Should We Elevate an Air Mattress?

Elevating an air mattress offers several benefits to a more comfortable and restful sleep. Let’s look at the benefits below and understand why elevating an air mattress is helpful.

Why Should We Elevate an Air Mattress

Insulation from the Ground

Elevating an air mattress provides insulation from the cold ground, which is particularly essential when camping or using the mattress in a poorly insulated room. We can prevent direct cold from the ground by sleeping on a raised mattress and maintaining the body temperature.

Improved Support

Placing an air mattress on an elevated surface, such as a bed frame or platform, enhances its support. This support is especially beneficial for someone like me who experiences discomfort or back pain when sleeping on a mattress directly on the floor. The elevated surface distributes weight more evenly, adjusting my body’s spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.

Enhanced Comfort

Another outstanding benefit of elevating air mattresses is the extra comfort to our sleep environment. The mattress becomes stable enough for any shift or movements caused by uneven surfaces. By elevating, you will have a stable and secure foundation for a more relaxing sleep experience.

This comfort of stability is advantageous for those who prioritize a consistent and supportive sleeping surface. Add mattress elevator wedges for more comfortable sleep and eliminate the annoyances of loud snoring.

Protection from Hazards

Sleeping near the ground may cause potential hazards, and sleeping on an elevated air mattress prevents these hazards. Sleep on an upper surface is advisable to keep our children safe and sound.

Customizable Sleeping Environment

What’s more impressive is that elevating the air mattress allows for a better customizable sleeping environment. Depending on the chosen elevated surface, we can adjust the height of the mattress to our preference. This adaptability ensures that individuals can create a sleep setup that suits their comfort needs and likings.

However, it is always important to choose the right bedding accessory, and to understand which one will suit you better, you must consider some factors.

What to Look Before Buying an Air Mattress?

When purchasing an air mattress, several important factors must be considered to ensure you choose the right one. Here’s a checklist of things to look for before buying an air mattress:

What to Look Before Buying an Air Mattress


Height is an essential factor to consider while purchasing an air mattress. A standard required height for an air mattress is 18 inches or above for best comfort. So check whether the mattress you want can extend to 18 inches or more.


Size is another considerable fact to check out. Four sizes of air mattresses are available, and choose the one that will fit you. Here is a dimensions chart for a quick inspection:

Air Mattress Size Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (Cm)
Full 54 x 75 137.16 x 190.50
Queen 60 x 80 152.40 x 203.20
King 76 x 80 196.04 x 203.20
Twin XL 38 x 80 96.52 x 203.20

Inflation and Deflation Mechanism

What sets an air mattress apart from another is the inflation and deflation mechanisms. Built-in electrical pumps are convenient and save time. Check if the air mattress has this inflation feature.

Material and Durability

An air mattress crafted with high-quality material and durability is essential to prevent punctures or damage. Also, consider upgraded features like reinforced seams and multiple layers to resist wear and tear.


Purchasing something on a reliable budget is what we all desire. But remember, investing in high-quality air mattresses will provide better comfort and durability in the long run. Consider deep research when purchasing an air mattress with top-grade material that is easy on your wallet.

Final Words

Elevating your air mattress is a simple yet effective way to enhance sleep quality. You can create a stable and comfortable sleeping environment, whether indoors on a bed frame or outdoors on a camping cot. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with your elevated air mattress.

However, it is not a matter of concern if you do not know how to elevate an air mattress. Follow my step-by-step instructions to convert your ground air mattress to a regular-use elevated bed. Raising the air mattress allows you to experience safe, secure, and relaxing sleep.

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