What Does Mattress Firm Do with Returned Mattresses?

Mattress returns are a common occurrence in the bedding industry. Whether due to comfort issues, defects, or simply a change of heart, returned mattresses pose a significant logistical challenge for retailers. Mattress Firm, one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States, has developed a comprehensive system for handling these returns. Understanding what happens to returned mattresses at Mattress Firm can shed light on their commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and ethical business practices.

Handling Returns: The Initial Process

Inspection and Assessment

When a mattress is returned to Mattress Firm, the first step involves a thorough inspection. This process includes checking for any damages, stains, or signs of use beyond normal testing. Each mattress is evaluated to determine if it can be resold, refurbished, or needs to be discarded.

Sorting and Categorization

Based on the inspection, mattresses are categorized into different groups:

Resellable: Mattresses that are in near-perfect condition.

Refurbishable: Mattresses that require minor repairs or cleaning.

Unusable: Mattresses that are too damaged or stained to be refurbished or resold.

Reselling Returned Mattresses

Clearance and Outlet Sales

Mattresses deemed reselling often find their way to clearance sales or outlet stores. These mattresses are sold at a discounted price, offering customers a more affordable option while allowing Mattress Firm to recoup some of the costs.

Discounted Online Sales

Some returned mattresses are also listed on Mattress Firm’s website under special sections for discounted or open-box items. This approach reaches a broader audience and facilitates quicker turnover of returned goods.

Refurbishing and Cleaning

Sanitization Process

Mattresses that require refurbishing undergo a detailed sanitization process. This involves using industrial cleaning equipment to remove dirt, stains, and odors, ensuring the mattress is hygienic and safe for resale.

Minor Repairs

If a mattress has minor damages, such as a small tear or broken zipper, it is sent to a refurbishment center where skilled technicians repair these issues. This process extends the mattress’s lifespan and makes it suitable for resale.

Reselling Mattress

Recycling Unusable Mattresses

Material Recovery

For mattresses that cannot be resold or refurbished, Mattress Firm employs recycling programs. These programs focus on breaking down the mattresses into their component materials, such as foam, metal springs, and fabric. Each material is processed separately for recycling.

Partnerships with Recycling Facilities

Mattress Firm collaborates with specialized recycling facilities to ensure that unusable mattresses are disposed of responsibly. These facilities have the necessary equipment and processes to handle the various materials, reducing environmental impact.

Donations and Charitable Contributions

Community Programs

Mattress Firm is also involved in various community programs and partnerships with charitable organizations. Mattresses that are still in good condition but cannot be resold are often donated to shelters, non-profit organizations, and families in need.

Social Responsibility

By donating mattresses, Mattress Firm not only helps those in need but also promotes social responsibility and reduces waste. This practice aligns with their corporate values and enhances their reputation as a socially conscious company.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Reducing Landfill Waste

By implementing a comprehensive return, refurbishment, and recycling program, Mattress Firm significantly reduces the number of mattresses that end up in landfills. This effort is crucial in minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Practices

Mattress Firm continually seeks to improve its processes to be more environmentally friendly. This includes exploring new recycling technologies, reducing energy consumption in refurbishment centers, and promoting eco-friendly products.

Customer Education and Transparency

Return Policies

Mattress Firm ensures that customers are well-informed about their return policies. Clear communication regarding the return process, eligibility, and potential outcomes (such as donations or recycling) helps manage customer expectations and enhances trust.

Transparency Initiatives

Transparency about what happens to returned mattresses is part of Mattress Firm’s broader initiative to build trust with consumers. By openly sharing their practices, they demonstrate accountability and commitment to ethical business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What happens to returned mattresses at Mattress Firm?

A: Returned mattresses at Mattress Firm undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. Depending on their condition, they may be categorized as reselling, refurbishing, or unusable.

Q2: What does Mattress Firm do with reselling mattresses?

A: Reselling mattresses are typically offered at clearance sales or outlet stores at discounted prices. They offer affordable options while allowing Mattress Firm to recoup some costs.

Q3: How does Mattress Firm handle refurbishable mattresses?

A: Mattresses that require minor repairs or cleaning are sent to refurbishment centers. Skilled technicians repair any damages, ensuring the mattress is in optimal condition for resale.

Q4: What happens to mattresses categorized as unusable?

A: Mattresses that are too damaged or stained to be resold or refurbished are recycled. They are broken down into component materials such as foam, metal springs, and fabric for recycling.

Q5: Does Mattress Firm donate returned mattresses?

A: Yes, Mattress Firm often donates mattresses that are still in good condition but cannot be resold or refurbished. They partner with shelters, non-profit organizations, and families in need to distribute these mattresses.

Q6: How does Mattress Firm ensure responsible disposal of unusable mattresses?

A: Mattress Firm collaborates with specialized recycling facilities to ensure proper disposal of unusable mattresses. These facilities have the necessary equipment and processes to handle mattress materials responsibly.

Q7: Is Mattress Firm committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility?

A: Yes, Mattress Firm is committed to reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability. Their comprehensive return, refurbish, and recycling program is designed to minimize environmental impact.

Q8: What should I do if I have a returned mattress from Mattress Firm?

A: If you have a returned mattress from Mattress Firm, contact your local store or customer service for guidance on disposal or potential recycling options. They may provide instructions or assistance based on the condition of the mattress.

Q9: Can I return a mattress-to-Mattress Firm if I’m not satisfied with it?

A: Yes, Mattress Firm typically offers a return policy for customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, contact Mattress Firm within the specified return period for assistance with the return process.


Mattress Firm’s approach to handling returned mattresses is multifaceted, aiming to balance customer satisfaction, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. Through resale, refurbishment, recycling, and donations, Mattress Firm ensures that returned mattresses are managed efficiently and ethically. So, these efforts not only help reduce waste but also provide affordable options for consumers and support community initiatives. By continually refining its processes, Mattress Firm sets a positive example in the bedding industry for responsible return management.

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