Is it Illegal to Buy a Mattress on Sunday?

Weekends are prime days to buy items. Most people fill shopping malls on Sundays. It’s a great time to look for items and add to your home. If you’re looking for a brand new mattress, weekends are days to go shopping.

However, not every state allows buying and selling of mattresses on Sundays. This leads to a widely asked question.

Is it illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday? It’s illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday in Washington. While weekends are great days to go shopping, one state does not allow buying and selling of mattresses on Sundays. It’s an old quirky law that does look odd.

Wondering if such a rule exists? Join me below as I discuss more on this weird rule.

Is it Illegal to Buy a Mattress on Sunday

Can You Buy A Mattress On Sunday?

If you’re looking for a brand new or used mattress in the United States, there are laws guiding the sales. You can easily purchase a brand-new mattress in all states without any issues apart from Washington State.

An old quirky law in Washington says it is illegal to buy and sell mattresses on Sundays. Television and meat are also banned on Sundays in Washington.

It’s an unusual law for sure. There is no clear understanding of the origin of the law. However, the law is widely cited by different sites and sources. But there is no evidence of where the law came from and its strict application.

Is the law strictly enforced? It should not be a big worry for you as the law is not strictly enforced. If you’re new in Washington, you can still buy a new mattress without any worries. But, you’ll hear the locals say mattress buying and selling is illegal on Sundays.

In simple words, you can still buy a mattress on a Sunday in Washington without any worries. The law seems an old one that is not strictly followed. There is no federal law that prevents you from buying a mattress on Sunday.

Federal Laws on Selling Used Mattresses

When it comes to selling used mattresses, the laws vary from one state to another. Below are some legal considerations for buying and selling used mattresses.

  • Labeling: There are varying regulations on the labeling of used mattresses. Different states can label them differently, with most using red and yellow.
  • Cleaning: A few states allow the sale of used mattresses as long as they are spotless and disinfected. This has to happen before a sale takes place.
  • Tagging: Color-coded tags are required in some states to indicate the condition of a mattress. Mattresses with recycled materials should be shown and thoroughly sanitized.
  • Filling: In some states, not all mattress parts can be sold or re-used. Some metal parts and springs can be removed and repurposed.

The laws on selling and buying used mattresses will vary from one state to another. In Washington, it’s illegal for a retailer to sell used mattresses. However, individuals can still sell used mattresses.

Totally Weird and Bizarre Laws in Washington

If you’re in Washington, you need to be aware of some bizarre laws. While some of the laws are not strictly followed, it’s good to have a good understanding of them.

The first is that you cannot buy a mattress on Sundays in Washington. While weekends are prime days in Washington, it’s not allowed in Washington. It’s a funny law, but one that’s not strictly followed.

You can still buy a mattress despite this old quirky law without any legal implications.

Television and meat are also banned on Sundays. Of course, you’ll still find people buying meat and television on Sunday.

It’s also illegal to possess dangerous animals in the State of Washington. This simply means you can not own animals like bears, monkeys, tigers, and venomous snakes.

The only time a person in Washington state can have wild, dangerous animals is when transporting them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

5 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Mattresses

As you’re here to know if it’s illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday let’s see some other interesting facts about mattresses.

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Mattresses

Your mattress can be recycled

Yes, mattresses can be recycled. For most people, old used mattresses are usually dumped in landfills.

Well, that’s not always the case. You can still have the mattresses recycled instead of lying in landfills for years. Metals and springs in the mattresses are removed and repurposed.

Check for a local recycling facility near you before dumping your mattress. Mattresses in good shape can be donated or sold for use.

All mattresses must be Flameproof

Did you know that all mattresses should be flameproof? A 2007 Federal law requires all mattresses to meet set flammability guidelines.

According to the guidelines, a bed needs to withstand 30 seconds of flame. The Consumer Products Safety Commission says mattresses that meet these requirements can save up to 270 lives and 1330 injuries in a year.

The most popular mattress is the least-liked

It does sound fun, but the most sold Innerspring mattresses with 80% of sales have the lowest customer satisfaction rankings.

Reports indicate that only 63% of users of the Innerspring mattress are satisfied compared to 80% of users of memory foam mattresses and 79% of users of waterbed owners.

Mattresses used to rest on ropes

Before platform foundations and Box springs came into the market, all mattresses used to rest on ropes.

These were cross-woven ropes that would stretch across the flames. And this is where the term ‘sleep tight’ originated from. People had to tighten the ropes to prevent the beds from being saggy.

Mattresses are go-spots for thieves

Did you know mattresses are a go-spot for thieves? Yes, people tend to keep money and valuables in and under mattresses. This makes mattresses a target for thieves and burglars.

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Final Verdict

That wraps everything from me! Now you know it’s illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday in Washington, although it’s not a strictly followed law. In all states, you can buy and sell mattresses on all days, including Sundays. However, there is an old quirky law in the State of Washington that bans the selling and buying of mattresses on Sundays.

It’s an old law that is cited but not strictly followed according to the revised version of Washington (RCW) 70.54.

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