How To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress?

You might think that putting sheets on an air mattress is unnecessary, but you will be surprised how much more comfortable your bed will be when you do. However, my focus on this page is not to discuss the importance of sheets on an air mattress but on how to keep sheets on air mattress.

You can keep the sheets on an air mattress by tucking them in your top sheet like you would a regular bed. Also, you can use safety pins or clothespins to attach the sheet corners to the air mattress fabric; you can use fitted sheets and elastic straps to hold them in place under the mattress.

If you have ever slept on an air mattress, chances are you have experienced the plight of the frustratingly ill-fitting sheets. They slip and slide around, making sleeping on your air mattress feel like a restless night.

The information on this page is nothing but the solution you need if you keep facing such an issue. I have been there, and I know how frustrating it can be. So, relax while you read through and choose the method that fits you.

Can You Keep Sheet on Air Mattress?

Air mattresses come in all sorts of designs and sizes these days, so if you are having trouble finding sheets that work well with yours, try looking for sheets sized specifically for camping beds or other portable mattresses. Those should fit your bed well.

So, the answer to the question is simple, and you can always keep your sheet on an air mattress if you choose the right method. The best way to make sure your sheets fit is to measure your air mattress before shopping for sheets. This will help you make sure that you buy big sheets to fit your air mattress.

Can You Keep Sheet on Air Mattress

You will want to make sure the sheet fits the air mattress properly, and it should not be too tight or too loose. If the sheet is too tight, it will likely rip when you inflate the air mattress, and if it is too loose, then the air mattress won’t stay inflated properly.

However, just make sure your sheet is long enough. Air mattresses tend to be longer than traditional mattresses, so your sheet may not be long enough for your air mattress unless you have an extra-long sheet. Also, you need to find the right ways to keep it tight, and those I will explain in the latter part of this article.

How To Keep Sheets on Air Mattress?

You don’t need to be a handyman to keep your sheets on an air mattress. However, here are some simple tips for keeping sheets on an air mattress to get a peaceful night’s sleep without worrying about the sheets slipping off.

How To Keep Sheets on Air Mattress

Get the Right Fit

Perhaps the easiest way to keep your sheets from slipping off is by making sure they fit correctly. But what do I mean by the right fit?

The best way to know if your sheet fits is by measuring your air mattress and comparing it to the size of the sheet you want to buy. The sheet should be as big as your air mattress but, ideally, a bit larger. This gives you extra material that can help secure the sheet in place.

You should try to buy larger sheets than the measurement you have so that they are plusher and feel more comfortable. Just make sure that they fit your mattress, or else they won’t stay on as well.

Use a Bedsheet Holder

You can always get to keep your sheet on your air mattress using the bed sheet holder. The trick is to use a simple bed sheet holder or sheet suspenders to hold the corners of your sheets down tight. Just place one at each corner of the mattress, attach them to the corners of your fitted sheet, and they will stay put.

If you have got an ideal air mattress for heavy person, there are different kinds of bed sheet holders out there that you can consider. The Raytour Bed Sheet Holder is one of the best you will find on Amazon, and you can always check out others that might be of interest to you.

Using the Bedsheet Holder Is Simple. to Use It:

  • Remove the holder from the pack
  • If you are getting the Ray tour bed sheet holder, you should get four pieces in the paper pack
  • Adjust each of the holders
  • Clip at the edges of the bedsheet
  • Two clips at the sides and the longer one at the tip of the bedsheet
  • Drag to cover the air mattress, and the sheet will stay in place

Use Clip and Rope

A clip is simply a tool you can use to keep your sheet together. There are many different kinds of clips, but I like binder clips as they are easy to attach and remove. A rope is a long piece of string or yarn you must use to tie things together. You can use any kind of rope that you have lying around.

If you don’t have any rope, you can do well to order one on Amazon or any of the local stores near you.

To Use This Method:

  • Get some rope and a pair of clips
  • Put the clip on the lower corner or edge of the sheet
  • Pull the rope into a loop and position it so that it matches up with the clip
  • Attach the clip to the rope of one corner and repeat on the opposite side
  • Tie a knot at the end of each rope to prevent slipping through the clip hole, and then you can be so sure of securing the sheet

Use Velcro Tapes

One of the best ways to secure your sheets on an air mattress is using velcro tapes. You can stick the two sides of the velcro to either your sheets or your mattress, depending on what you prefer.

I like to put one side on the mattress and the other side on the bedsheets with this method. This way, the bedsheet will always stay on the air mattress, and it’s also easy to take them off if you need to wash them.

To Use This Method:

  • You need strong fabric glue, i.e., sewing the Velcro tapes into the mattress might be quite hard to do.
  • Get four of the Velcro tapes, as one will be at the edges of the mattress
  • Pick one and open it
  • Apply Gorilla glue to the back of the Velcro and attach it to the bottom of the mattress at the edges
  • Do the same for the bedsheet, and it has to be inside
  • Ensure it properly align with the position of the other one on the mattress
  • Repeat the step for the rest
  • Place the bedsheet on the mattress and clip the Velcro tapes.

Use Customized Bedsheets with Straps

You can always create a fitted bedsheet for your air mattress and save yourself the stress of struggling with keeping a bedsheet in place. One of the solutions is making your bed sheet with straps.

Before setting up the air mattress, layout your fitted and flat sheets, then measure how much of the flat sheet you need to cover the top of the air mattress. In most cases, you should use the right quantity of flat sheets.

Once you have determined how much of the flat sheet you need to use, fold or cut off any excess material. Using only as much material as necessary is important because it will help you keep the sheet fitted on the mattress.

You should save yourself the stress of making your straps by getting some of the best in the market. The siaomo bed sheet holder straps are one of those you can consider.

Once you have got the strap, place them on each fitted sheet corner as pictured below. Once they are in place, put them on your flat sheet and tuck them under the mattress as normal.

How To Take Care of Your Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are a versatile option for sleeping, whether camping with your friends in the great outdoors or hosting family during the holidays. Either way, you sure want to get the most out of your bed.

How To Take Care of Your Air Mattress

Here is how you can be sure you are keeping your mattress in good shape and extending its life:

Clean the Air Mattress Regularly

You should always clean the air mattress to keep your sleeping area safe and comfortable. Always clean the air mattress with warm water and mild soap. Remove all bedding from the air mattress before cleaning. Spread out the mattress in a place where it will not be disturbed, and let it dry thoroughly before use. Never immerse an air mattress in water or any other liquid.

To clean your air mattress with dish soap, mix water, and dish soap in a bowl. Then use a clean towel to scrub the air mattress down with the mixture. Use as much dish soap as you need to get all of the dirt off of your air mattress.

Also, to clean your air mattress with rubbing alcohol, mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water in a bowl. Then make use of a clean towel to scrub the air mattress down with the mixture. Use as much rubbing alcohol as you need to get all of the dirt off of your air mattress.

Be Mindful of The Surroundings

One of the ways you can prolong the lifespan of your air mattress is to be cautious of your surroundings whenever you want to use the mattress. But unfortunately, over time, we overlook it as an air mattress and that it can get damaged at the slightest touch of any sharp object.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the surroundings or where you intend to place the mattress are free of all forms of objects that can damage the mattress. In addition, ensure that there is enough space to accommodate the mattress without touching anything.

Inspect Your Mattress Always

Taking care of your air mattress is pretty simple. First, inspect your mattress for rips or other damage before every use. If you find defects, don’t use your airbed. Although air mattresses are designed to withstand minor tears and leaks, you should never try to repair one. If the damage is too severe, replace the mattress completely.

Of the truth, air mattresses can become ripped and tear from usage over a long period. You should ensure that your mattress is not torn or ripped, as this could cause an injury when you lay down on it. The importance of inspecting always is to help you avert any danger that can occur due to using a damaged air mattress.

Inflate the Air Mattress Properly

You should ensure you always inflate the air mattress properly. Be careful not to over-inflate or under-inflate your air mattress, and use the right inflation method for your particular model. You may be able to inflate with a vacuum cleaner or a siphon pump, or you may need an electric pump.

Use Bedding for Your Air Mattress.

One of the ways to prolong your air mattress lifespan is to use sheets and blankets on top of it just like you would on any other bed. This will protect the vinyl from wear and tear and make your mattress more comfortable.

Also, you can use a mattress pad. Like with any other type of bed, using a mattress pad can help extend the life of your air mattress by providing an extra layer of protection between you and the vinyl material that makes up the bed itself.

Store the Mattress in A Safe Place

Storing your air mattress in a safe place will surely prolong its lifespan. It is best to store the mattress in a place not exposed to extreme temperatures. Keep it away from heat and sunlight because these will cause permanent damage to the material. You can store it in a closet or garage, but make sure that animals or insects cannot get to it.


One of the problems we face with air mattresses is keeping the bedsheet on them. It is not an easy battle to overcome. However, there are ways you can get through and come out victorious. This page on how to keep sheets on air mattress reveals all that you need to know.

While tucking the sheet doesn’t seem to be a lasting solution, above are some of the ways you can get to keep your sheets on your air mattress without breaking the bank.

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