Can You Stack Mattress Toppers? (Is It Okay To Stack?)

Mattress toppers are a great bedding item to elevate the overall sleeping experience. A topper offers many quality benefits and changes the feel of the mattress’s surface. But the point is, can you stack mattress toppers?

Yes, you can stack mattress toppers. Stacking the mattress topper is not an issue. You can even stack toppers on top of each one rather than throw away or sell the older one. 

However, it is essential to know that a mattress topper is just an additional item to the mattress. It is mainly used as support or firm, softening the surface and maintaining the mattress’s temperature. Stacking too many toppers won’t provide too much comfort, but cause sleeping disruptions.

What is a Mattress Topper?

Let’s start with what a mattress topper is. A mattress topper is an additional layer of padding used to enhance the comfort and support of a mattress. Bed topper is typically made from high-quality materials like memory foam, latex, or feather-filled fabrics.

What is a Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is used similarly to its name, ‘topper,’ and we usually place it on top of our existing bed to provide an additional cushioning effect. It serves various purposes, including improving the overall feel of the sleeping surface, relieving pressure points, and adjusting the firmness level of the mattress.

Moreover, various mattress toppers are available in different thicknesses and materials, catering to individual preferences and addressing specific sleep needs. This accessory is often used as a cost-effective solution to enhance the performance of an existing mattress without the need for a complete mattress replacement.

Factors to Consider Choosing a Mattress Topper

There are a few factors we should keep in mind while purchasing a mattress topper. Considering those factors is crucial to getting an appropriate mattress topper. Let’s break down the factors:

Factors to Consider Choosing a Mattress Topper


First and foremost, materials are an essential factor to check to get suitable toppers for your mattress. Different toppers are made with specific materials for specific purposes. Some bed toppers are made from latex, a natural rubber material for softening the surface. In contrast, others are created with wool and foam for durability, heat regulation, etc.


The comfort range and supportiveness vary depending on the thickness of a mattress topper. For an extra soft feel in the mattress, thicker toppers are ideal. But it won’t be suitable if your bed already has a memory foam mattress.


The mattress topper’s firmness should complement the mattress. A supportive topper is used when the mattress is too medium firm or soft. In contrast, a plush topper increases the softness, and if your mattress is already soft, the topper will provide you with a much more sinking feel.


A mattress topper’s primary goal is to provide adequate comfort by supporting our body’s specific needs. It is good for those who have back pain issues, joint pain, allergies, and need to sleep in a certain position. Discuss with the manufacturers whether the topper is supportive of your body’s needs before purchasing.

Heat Regulation

Wool mattress toppers are a great option if you’re craving a suitable bed temperature. These toppers are made with special wool materials to regulate our bed temperature according to our body heat and provide optimal comfort.

Quality and Maintenance

A quality bed topper will last long and won’t need constant replacement. Besides, an upgraded topper doesn’t require frequent maintenance, but only cleaning it when it becomes too dirty will help it to last longer.

Types of Mattress Toppers and Why to Use them?

There are various mattress toppers available on the market, and each of them is crafted with different materials and works differently for the bed surface. Before purchasing a mattress padding option, learn which one will suit you perfectly.

Types of Mattress Toppers and Why to Use them

1. Memory Foam Toppers

Material: Made from viscoelastic foam.

Characteristics: Memory foam toppers adapt to the body’s shape as liquid and provide excellent support and relieving pressure points. It absorbs movement, making it suitable for couples. Available in various thicknesses.

2. Latex Toppers

Material: Comes from natural or synthetic latex.

Characteristics: This topper is highly known for its resilience and durability. It offers consistent support and is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it has a responsive feel and can be a good option if you have allergies.

3. Feather and Down Toppers

Material: Filled with a combination of feathers and down.

Characteristics: Provide a plush and luxurious feel. For a firm mattress, a feather topper is best to associate with as it will provide a soft, cloud-like sensation. However, because of the materials, this bed padding requires fluffing to maintain its loft.

4. Wool Toppers

Material: Made from natural wool fibers.

Characteristics: Wool toppers are highly effective in regulating the bed surface temperature with the body heat. This topper wicks away moisture to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Another outstanding characteristic of this mattress topper is that the material wool used in it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

5. Sofa Mattress Toppers

Fold-out sofa beds are an amazing place to take a rest with guests, watch movies in the living room or have quality time rather than a regular bed. However, sleeping on a sofa bed may cause back pain, but the best mattress topper for a sofa will not only boost comfort but change your overall experience rapidly. These toppers are specially designed for sofa beds to improve relaxation quality.

Can You Stack Mattress Toppers?

Now, the main question arises: Can You Stack Mattress Toppers? Actually, it totally depends on the individual. There is no problem with mattress toppers stacking, but it is essential to keep the bed surface and sleeping comfort at an appropriate level.

Can You Stack Mattress Toppers (Is It Okay To Stack)

But keep in mind, mattress toppers are designed to provide a certain level of support and comfort when placed on a mattress. The main purpose of using a mattress topper is to alter the intended feel and support of the mattress.

If you find your mattress is too firm, adding a thicker topper will create a sinking feeling, whereas, on the contrary, a firm topper can alter the overly soft mattress’s feel and provide your desired level of comfort.

However, it is not recommended to stack multiple mattress toppers. Stacking two mattress toppers is generally a good idea rather than wasting the older one. If you stack more than two toppers may affect the breathability and temperature regulation of the mattress.

Things You Will Need to Consider Before Stacking Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper can elevate the comfort of your mattress or give the required support. But, you must evaluate some aspects before deciding to stack mattress toppers. Considering these factors will let you understand whether it’s the right choice.


First, determine the thickness that you will require to achieve the desired comfort or goal, and then decide whether you need to stack toppers or not. If your mattress is already thick, and you put more thicker toppers on top of it, this will disrupt the overall bed surface and sleeping experience.


Both the mattress and the toppers have different materials to ensure various purposes for users. Before stacking, check both bed items have similar materials to avoid any unwanted discomfort.


The weight of the toppers you are planning to stack is another important factor to consider. The bed frame and the foundation have a specified range of capabilities to absorb weight. So, if your mattress is already overweight, and you put more toppers on top, it will cause structural damage to the bed after some time.


The comfort lies in the firmness of the mattress as well toppers. Adding firm toppers on a firm mattress or soft toppers on a soft mattress will eliminate the comfort. Carefully determine what type of toppers will be good to stack based on the mattress’s firmness.

Heat Adjustment

Some premium mattresses offer a heat-regulating feature to keep you cool while sleeping. Stacking more toppers may interrupt the heat absorption process and cause discomfort. Do not stack multiple wool toppers if your mattress already has heat-regulation materials.

How to Stack Mattress Toppers Properly?

You now know whether you can stack mattress toppers or not. However, it is mandatory to learn how to do it in the right way. Let’s take a look at the below step-by-step guide on how you can stack mattress toppers properly.

How to Stack Mattress Toppers Properly

Step 1: Choose the Mattress Topper

What will be your priority is to choose the right toppers that will suit the existing mattress and topper. The right mattress topper made with appropriate materials matched to the mattress will ensure an optimal sleeping experience.

Moreover, the topper should have a similar height and width to the other topper, or they will be displaced while sleeping and sag out of the mattress.

Step 2: Place Accurately

Put the bed topper precisely on top of the other topper and check the edges are balanced. It is recommended to put the thicker topper down to the thinner. Apply some pressure with both your hands to fit them snuggly.

Step 3: Secure the Toppers

Not all of us sleep the same way, and some of us move a lot while sleeping. Moving much may displace the bed toppers from one another, so you must secure them with straps or a mattress topper cover or protector.


Those who have extra mattress toppers ask: Can You Stack Mattress Toppers? The confusion about stacking multiple mattress toppers is nothing but depends on your needs and a few factors.

You can stack as many toppers as you wish, but it won’t produce any comfort. Stacking two bed toppers is appropriate. Moreover, you must check the materials spec, firmness, and thickness of the mattress and the topper you are willing to stack.

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