Can You Fit a Twin Mattress In An SUV?

Proper fitting space and comfort are the first factors to consider when purchasing a mattress, especially for a bed on the move. A twin mattress offers enough space for two, without bumping into each other. However, moving twin mattresses into a car is an entirely different game, which leads to the question, can a twin mattress fit in an SUV?

Not to be deterred, there is good news; a twin mattress can fit in an SUV! SUVs are vehicles wide and long enough to accommodate up to 8 passengers with adequate leg space and storage. Most brands of SUVs will take a twin mattress conveniently or allow for a little squeeze.

For that, you must choose the right air mattress and know how to fit that into the back of your car. And we’re about to discuss all that to make your camping trips a lot easier in terms of sleeping inside the car.

Why Move A Twin Mattress In An SUV?

There would always be a reason to move at least once because humans are social beings. Reasons for movement include change of jobs, starting a family, career moves, relocating to a better environment, or for academic and research.

Why Move A Twin Mattress In An SUV

Whatever the reason for moving between houses, there would be a need to move a twin mattress if it’s available especially if there is none in the new destination. Since the twin mattress is so comfortable, no one would like to leave it behind.

The cost of moving items from one place to another is high, especially large household items. The finances required to hire a haulage service may not be forthcoming and there may be an SUV available or friends who can help out with theirs.

For obvious reasons, it may become imperative to use the SUV since it has enough storage space for moving large household items which include a twin mattress. Fitting a twin mattress in an SUV is not new nor is it illegal.

Which SUV Is Best For Moving Twin Mattress?

The SUV is a vehicle with more space than cars, but not all can accommodate a twin mattress. Some SUVs can take even a king-sized bed while some cannot, it depends on the brand of course.

Sizes of SUV ranges from small subcompact to full-size SUV. Generally, SUV can take up to 8 passengers with enough storage space. Some have collapsible seats while some seats are not.

Which SUV Is Best For Moving Twin Mattress

For a twin mattress, the SUV has to be bigger than the subcompact. Just as its name, it is portable in size, and a twin mattress, even though it is not large, won’t fit in. SUVs that can do the trick should start from a mid-sized SUV to a full-sized, and most especially the extended-length SUV.

Are All Twin Mattresses The Same Size?

Twin mattresses are not all the same size. Also called single mattresses in some quarters, twin mattresses are big enough to accommodate two people. Twin mattresses come in three sizes namely; the youth size, standard twin size, and twin XL size.

The youth size is the smallest in the range, and although bigger than crib mattresses, children outgrow them soon enough for a bigger size. The standard twin mattress is the next in the range which is fit for children, teenagers, and young adults.

Are All Twin Mattresses The Same Size

The twin XL size is the biggest in the range of twin mattresses for adults who love space to move and play. The twin XL is still smaller than a king-sized bed but big enough to accommodate two people.

With the knowledge of the sizes of twin mattresses and the types of SUVs available, we are back to the question of if one can fit a twin mattress in an SUV.

Can You Fit A Twin Mattress In An SUV?

A twin mattress will most definitely fit in an SUV as these cars are spacious enough for at least 5 people at the back. The SUV is built in such a way that there is enough space for the leg and storage for luggage.

A good quality Air mattresses for car SUV Truck Bed is your best bet for camping and road trips. These beds come with proper shapes and cut-outs to accommodate the curves of the car.

An average twin XL mattress measures 53 by 75 inches and this can fit well in an SUV. The twin mattress can be used for camping experiences as people now turn their SUV or minivans to camper vans or adventure on a road trip.

Can You Fit A Twin Mattress In An SUV

On average though, the twin mattress will fit in even if there’s a need for a little squeeze. For a twin mattress to fit in, the space should not be less than 69 cubic feet when the seats are folded down. Brands of SUVs that can fit a twin mattress include Toyota Highlander, Toyota 4 Runner, Ford Explorer, Acura MDX, etc.

  • Toyota 4runner with two seats folded will give a total storage space of about 88.8 cubic feet. It has two models; the 3-rows and the 2-rows with both offering storage space than other SUVs in the same range.
  • Toyota Highlander will provide a total of 84.3 cubic feet when all seats are folded up. It is about the biggest in the series similar to big Sedan trunks. The highlander will give more space for the twin mattress.
  • Acura MDX has 71.4 cubic feet when the second and third-row seats are folded down allowing the twin-size mattress to fit in with ease. A Ford Explorer with the seats folded will give a total storage space of 87.8 cubic feet.

What To Do If Your Twin Mattress Does Not Fit In An SUV?

If for some reason, there is difficulty in fitting the twin mattress in an SUV, there is no cause for alarm. Depending on the type of mattress, whether it has foam or contains spring, there may be a solution.

The challenges that may not allow a twin mattress to fit in an SUV include the seats not being collapsible as well as the twin mattress having springs. The collapsible seats give adequate room for the twin mattress to fit and the spring mattress may not allow the mattress to be squeezed in.

For seats that are not collapsible, the twin mattress can be placed between the roof and the top of the seats. The seats can also be removed completely to make room for the mattress, which means that there has to be a return trip to pick up the seats.

What To Do If Your Twin Mattress Does Not Fit In An SUV

For twin mattresses that have spring, there may be the option of the springs being a little foldable but in hard springs which are unfoldable, the entire foam may have to be dismantled, provided it can be fixed without a technician.

For people moving twin mattresses to campsites and can’t fit it in an SUV for whatever reason, there is an alternative mattress to use.

Some people opt for putting the mattress on the roof of their SUV, an act that may be illegal in some places and is unsafe. Also, mattresses, even though relatively soft, can get spoiled or ruined with the rope used in strapping it on the SUV.

When not properly strapped to the roof, mattresses can be easily blown away when on top speed obstructing other road users.

Final Words

It is possible to fit a twin mattress in an SUV as long as its dimensions are relative to each other. The SUV which is built for comfort and has adequate storage space makes an excellent choice when moving household items or camping with it.

The right mattress that has some special features like proper curves and cut-outs, will surely make a perfect fit for your SUV. Plus, make sure the mattress you’re getting offers you that flexibility of laying either inside the car or outside on the picnic spot.

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