How Many Watts Does an Air Mattress Pump Use?

All air mattress pumps come with specific ratings. This is a major factor that determines the number of watts an air mattress pump would require. Knowing the wattage of your air mattress pump is vital to maintaining its durability. Unlike regular mattresses, having a dead air mattress pump could be such a pain.

So, how many watts does an air mattress pump use? Generally, most air mattress pumps require around 10 to 20 watts. Depending on the capacity of the pump, this can extend to 50 watts. If you wish to know more about the wattage of air mattress pumps, then this post is for you. Read on to discover more.

Key Points:

  • Many air mattress pumps usually require about 10 to 20 watts of power for proper operation. For some other cases, this might get up to 50 watts.
  • The two major types of air mattress pumps are manual and electric/automatic air pumps.
  • Unstable electricity supply, bad electric wiring & loose connections, improper power supply, broken motor or pump, and damaged valve are the main reasons an air mattress pump may not function.

Types of Air Mattress Pumps

There are many types of air mattress pumps with their different capacities, purposes, and ratings. Some of which include foot air pumps, battery-powered air pumps, hand air pumps, and so on. Out of all these options, there are just two major types of air mattress pumps, which are external air mattress pumps and internal air mattress pumps.

Sometimes it gets quite puzzling to know the right air mattress to get based on the kind of air pump they use. Here is a detailed explanation to help you better understand these air mattresses.

External Air Mattress Pump

Since the beginning of air mattresses, external air mattress pumps have been around. These types of air mattresses are still a preferable choice for most people. Also, for a good air mattress, an external pump will do just fine to get it to a firm state.

External Air Mattress Pump

Although external air mattress pumps are pretty useful, they may not work well on air mattresses that aren’t designed for hose usage. Also, if the air mattress has a special hose gauge, an external air pump wouldn’t be an ideal option for it.

External air mattress pumps come in two different variants, which are manual and electric air pumps. Understanding the method of operation of these two pumps is vital for their applications.

Manual Air Pumps

As the name suggests, these air pumps require users to exert physical pressure on the air pump to inflate the mattress. These pumps are easy to operate and less expensive too.

Electric Air Pumps

With an electric air pump, all you need to do is connect it to power for operation. These are quite expensive but don’t require any human effort to function.

Internal Air Mattress Pumps

These were the later variants of air mattresses. Over time, as technology improved on these air mattresses, manufacturers were able to source ways through which they can improve the design of external air mattresses. This was intended to make the inflation process a lot easier. Presently, these internal air mattresses are abundant and are mostly preferred by users.

Internal Air Mattress Pumps

The mechanism behind the inflation process comes from a motorized device embedded in the air mattress that pumps air effortlessly into it. With these internal air pumps, there is no need for an external hose, as there is no room for such function. Certain internal air pumps work on every air mattress, while others function based on specific designs.

There are the electric inbuilt variants that work without any manual effort and these are the common ones available on the market.

Why Is My Air Mattress Pump Not Working?

A faulty air mattress pump could be a result of a broken motor or pump, damaged valve, disconnected power cord, or general power issues. There are some other reasons your air mattress pump wouldn’t work. These may include unstable electricity supply, bad electric wiring, or loose connections.

Why Is My Air Mattress Pump Not Working

1. Power Supply

Every air mattress pump has a specific power supply with which it can work properly and a faulty power supply could be one of the reasons that your air mattress pump is not working. If the power supply doesn’t meet the company’s specifications, the air may not function. For instance, if an air pump requires a volt of 200 or 220, ensure this matches that of the wall socket.

2. Improper Connection & Turned off Switch

Sometimes why the air mattress pump wouldn’t work could be that the switch is turned off. Another reason could be the cord is not properly connected. And if this is the case, the air pump wouldn’t receive current to power it up.

3. Electric Wiring & Loose Connections

One other reason your air mattress pump wouldn’t work may be from the electric wiring or loose connections. Some electric wiring might be faulty, in which case it will need repairing for your air mattress pump to function. If the electric wiring is faulty, it might be impossible for adequate current to get to the pump to power it. Keeping your electric wiring in a good state will solve this problem.

4. Unstable Electricity Supply

Unfortunately, if your home has an unstable electric supply, it may harm the air pump. An unstable electricity supply may result in dips and surges. At this point, you could use a surge protector to curb the flow of current to your electronics. Better yet, you may request for assistance of a professional to rectify the issue to have a stable?

How Many Watts Does An Air Mattress Pump Use?

Many air mattress pumps usually require about 10 to 20 watts of power for proper operation. For some other cases, this might get up to 50 watts. The product type and capacity might be responsible for the required wattage of the air pumps.

How Many Watts Does An Air Mattress Pump Use

Many air pumps are low in their rate of power consumption. Some of these devices consume at a wattage of 3 and graduate to about 50 watts. For air mattress pumps, the average wattage ranges from 10 to 50. Some exceptional air mattress pumps like the Coleman pump require a wattage of 240w. However, these types of air mattress pumps are quite noisy in their operation.

Here’s a list of different air mattress pumps and their corresponding wattage.

Quick-Fill Air Pump (Ac Air Pumps)

These air pumps come with deflating feature, and they’re suitable for camping purposes. They’re pretty easy to use and are still efficient for their specific purpose. The wattage of these quick-fill air pumps ranges from 30 to 50 watts. For special air pumps, like the Coleman’s, this can get as high as 240 watts.

Furthermore, they are loud upon operation, but inflate air mattresses quicker than any other air pump.

Hand Air Pumps

The method of application of these hand air pumps is similar to that of a bicycle tire. Simply fix one of the nozzles to the air mattress you wish to inflate. Afterward, pull and push the lever up and down. These air pumps usually come with wattage ranging from 10 to 50 watts.

Foot Air Pumps

Some foot air pumps come with 3 nozzles from which to choose. This implies that you can inflate more than one air mattress at once. However, these nozzles are made of plastic, which might not serve for as long as you might desire. Nevertheless, they’re still a recommended choice for buyers.

Many foot air pumps have wattage ranging from 20 to 50 watts, which is just right for most pumping-related needs.

Dc Air Pumps

These air pumps are pretty simple to use, and they’re a good option for camping needs. They’re easily powered, even with the cigarette lighter socket in a car. However, they are slow in inflating the mattress, as such, most people wouldn’t employ them for use. These mattress pumps may require a wattage ranging from 10 to 20 watts.

Battery-Powered Air Pumps

One of the notable benefits of these types of air pumps is the ease of operation, even at a distant position from any compatible socket. Users can power these air pumps either with D-Cell batteries or with rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered air pumps are more efficient compared to DC pumps, and they require a wattage of about 20 to 40 watts.

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How Many Watts Does An Air Mattress Pump Draw?

An air mattress pump usually requires around 10 watts to 50 watts. This is common for most hand and foot pumps. Air pumps such as the quick-fill pumps may require up to 240 watts and above. An example is the Coleman air pump.

How To Use Air Mattress Pumps?

The idea behind an air mattress or an air bed is to inflate air into the mattress through a sealable opening using an air mattress pump. The pump can either be external or internal, and they come in two types, namely manual and electrical (automatic).

For the manual air mattress pump, users can inflate the air mattress using their hands or feet. On the other hand, the electric air pump, also known as the automatic air mattress pump, inflates air into the mattress by electricity or a battery.

For the electric air pump, simply connect it to power and flip the power switch to begin the inflation. In the case of the manual air pump, the method of operation is quite different. Here are the steps to use a manual air mattress pump.

  • Take away the air stopper covering the valve of the air mattress.
  • Fix the right adapter to the mattress pump. To be sure it is the right adapter, it should fit snugly into the valve of the mattress.
  • Fix the adapter into the mattress’s valve.
  • Start pumping air into the air mattress using your hands or feet, depending on the air pump you’re using.
  • Keep up this process until you get the right level you desire. There are no rules to the level you should pump the air mattress. Once you’re ok with the level it is, you can simply stop pumping.

Note that the more air you pump into the air mattress, the stronger it is.


How many watts does an air mattress pump use? Generally, air mattress pumps would use about 10 to 50 watts at most. However, on average, this rating goes from 10 to 20 watts. The product type and the capacity of the air pump are the main factors that determine the wattage requirement of an air mattress pump. Furthermore, to maintain the longevity of your air mattress pump, you should know its wattage.

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