Do Two Twin Mattresses Make A Queen (+Alternative Options)

As children grow older, the needs and demands change within the family, people start looking for ways to work with the existing elements at home. A common question among many people is if they can combine two twin mattresses to make a queen.

But, two twin mattresses can’t make a queen if you put them together. Among many other reasons, a crucial one behind this is the size of the two types. Two twin mattresses combined don’t match the size of a queen mattress.

There are ways to make it work even with two twin mattresses to cater to your family’s needs. Please stick with us to learn more about twin and queen mattresses and find out how to opt for alternative options for making a queen bed.

Why Do Two Twin Beds Not Make A Queen Bed?

Two twin beds do not make a queen. The main dissimilarity is the size. The length and width of a twin mattress are 38 and 75 inches respectively.

On the other hand, the length and width of a queen mattress measure 60 and 80 inches in order. Just from these measurements, it is quite clear that two twin mattresses can’t make a queen.

Why Do Two Twin Beds Not Make A Queen Bed

If you combine two twin mattresses, the combined width will be 76 inches, 16 inches more than a queen mattress. The 75 inches length will stay the same, 5 inches less than a queen’s.

Alternatives Options You may consider making a Queen-Sized Bed

So it is clear that you can’t put two twin mattresses together to make a queen. So what other options do you have? Let’s check out these alternative options to make a queen-sized bed.

Get a queen bed 

The easiest way is to get a new queen bed. Although this will be expensive since a queen bed will cost you quite a fortune.

Also, if you already have two twin beds, bringing in a new queen bed is hard. However, this is the easiest option to enjoy the comfort of a queen-sized bed.

Get a queen bed 

Combine two twin mattresses on the floor

Another alternative way is to combine two twin mattresses on the floor. This way, you won’t require them to fit in a specific frame.

You will still get a more extensive area to sleep and roll over the bed. However, as you combine two twin mattresses, there will be a gap in the middle. Consider using a bed bridge to cover this up.

Combine two twin mattresses on the floor

Take help from an expert

If you must use your two twin mattresses, consider taking help from an expert. He can adjust the width after joining the beds to fit the width of a queen-sized bed.

Take help from an expert

Twin Mattress vs Queen Mattress: What’s the difference?

While both mattresses have their sparks, not all types of mattresses are suitable for a particular room. Now, look at the Twin vs Queen size mattress comparison chart below.

Parameters Twin Mattress Queen Mattress
Length 75 inches 80 inches
Width 38 inches 60 inches
Price $300-$1500 $800-$2500
Ideal room size 7 ft × 10 ft 10 ft × 10 ft
Ideal user One person (adult, child, or teenager) Two people (adults)
Ideal room Dorm, kid’s room, small/guest room Guest room, master bedroom

1. Size of the mattress

The main difference between the two types is the size of the mattress, especially the width. The width of a twin mattress is 22 inches less than a queen mattress. It is 5 inches smaller in length than a queen mattress.

Size of the mattress

2. Sleeping area

A twin mattress can work well for a child, teenager, or adult who can manage in a smaller space. On the contrary, a queen mattress is pretty spacious for an adult. Two adults can also sleep there, but a king mattress works best.

Sleeping area

3. Price of the mattress

A twin mattress costs less than a queen mattress. It may be a better option if you are tight on budget and can work with the space of a twin mattress.

A twin mattress can cost you anywhere between $300 to $1500. In comparison, a queen mattress can cost you between $800 to $2500, which is quite a lot if you compare.

Price of the mattress

4. Room size

A twin mattress fits well in a room at least 7 ft by 10 ft. On the other hand, a queen mattress is suitable for a room that is at least 10 ft by 10 ft in size.

Room size


Now that you know you won’t get a queen by connecting two twin mattresses let’s check out some frequently asked questions regarding the topic to get a clearer idea.

Is A Queen Bed Single Or Double?

A queen bed is definitely for two people but is not considered double. The queen bed is more extensive in length and width than a double bed. It is commonly purchased and used by couples or two adults who need extra bed space.

What Is The Result Of Two Twin Mattresses Combined Together?

There is no name for the arrangement where you put two queen mattresses together. Two twin mattresses combined do not make a queen or a king. You will just get a broader area in the bed. You can opt for twin XLs if you want to achieve the exact measurements of a king mattress.

Are Twin And Double Mattresses The Same?

No, a twin mattress is in no way the same as a double mattress. The width and length of a twin mattress are 38 and 75 inches in order. At the same time, a double mattress is 53 and 75 inches in width and length accordingly, so there’s a significant difference.

Can You Turn Two Twin-size Mattresses Into A King?

You can’t turn two regular twin mattresses into a king. You will need 76 inches in width and 80 inches length to make a king. But, the length and width of two twin mattresses combined will be 75 and 76 inches respectively. However, you can go for two twin XLs to obtain a king-size bed.

What Is The Right Sheet Size For Two Twin Mattresses Put Together?

It is hard to find the right sheet size for two twin mattresses. The closest will be a king-size sheet. However, that is not ideal as the sheet will be smaller in width and length.


Mattresses play an essential role in every household. Different mattresses are available, so it is customary to need clarification about which one to go for. The same twin mattress your kid has been using till now becomes too cramped for their size.

A queen-size mattress is a far better option for an adult who needs more space in the bed. While there are ways to merge two twin mattresses to create a larger area, you can’t get a queen or a king from the merge.

If your home has two twin mattresses, you can combine them to enjoy more space. The hardest thing here will be to get the right sheet size that will cover the setup well. You can get a king if you combine two twin XL mattresses.

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