Can You Put A Normal Mattress On A Sofa Bed?

It’s no news that some people sleep on their sofa beds. The use of sofa beds as alternative bedding has become very common. This option saves you a lot of stress when friends and guests have to sleep in your home. Sometimes, you may also love stretching out on your sofa bed while watching your favorite shows.

Whatever the situation, you can make your sofa bed more convenient by adding a mattress to it. So if you’re asking can you put a normal mattress on a sofa bed, this article will give the right answer. Also, you will know if it’s worth getting a sofa bed mattress and the differences between sofa bed mattresses and regular ones.

Can You Put a Normal Mattress on a Sofa Bed?

The answer to can you put a normal mattress on a sofa bed is YES! But such action should be in emergencies where there are no alternatives for bedding. But before you do, ensure that the sofa bed is the same size or is larger than the normal mattress before you can do so.

Can You Put a Normal Mattress on a Sofa Bed

Also, it shouldn’t be for a long time as there might be some negative effects. Long-term usage of a normal mattress on a sofa bed remains a bad solution while seeking to create comfort. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t use a normal mattress on a sofa bed on a long-term basis

Normal Mattresses Don’T Put Up With Sofa Bed Bar

The sofa bed bar is designed to offer extra support for its mattress. It maintains the stiffness of the mattress, especially in the middle, by eliminating sagging. By using a normal mattress on the sofa bed, you will get discomfort due to the bar. Thus, there’s a possibility of the bar damaging the mattress.

Normal Mattresses Require Firm Surfaces

The sofa bed is not the appropriate surface for a normal mattress. This’s because it’s too soft and wavy to accommodate the mattress. So, the mattress may not lay appropriately on top of the sofa bed. This means that mattress may likely slide from the top of the sofa bed.

There’s No Airflow For Normal Mattresses On Sofa Beds

With a sofa bed, normal mattresses get no airflow. Usually, there should be a free flow of air through the surface on which you place your mattress. This helps to enable the functionality of the mattress and its ability to offer comfort. However, with sofa beds, the absence of airflow brings humidity beneath the mattress. Thus, creating favorable environments and higher chances for breeding dust mites, bed bugs, mildew, and mold. A normal mattress will always require good and airy surfaces like wooden slabs for its support.

The Sofa Bed Could Be Unfit Due To Arms At Its End

Normal mattresses will not fit perfectly on sofa beds with arms. The arms will always come out bulky and unleveled when you place a mattress on the bed. Thus, the comfortability and convenience which you desire by adding the mattress will be far from possible. You should measure both the mattress and the sofa bed to ascertain their compatibility before making such additions.

Normal Mattresses Are Quite Thick

The thickness of a normal mattress is much such that it bulges out even when you fold it into a bed panel. This creates an unruly sight as the sofa bed can’t be properly stored. Also, you stand the chance of ruining the normal mattress as it’s not designed for multiple folding.

Putting a normal mattress on it can’t be the solution when you plan to create more comfort on your sofa bed. There’s every need to get the right mattress topper for your sofa bed. Not only will you get a good fitting, the comfort and convenience of having a good bedding alternative are inestimable.

What Are The Differences Between Sofa Bed Mattresses And Regular Mattresses?

Our sofa bed mattresses are quite different from regular ones. There are lots of distinguishing factors between these two types of mattresses.

sofa bed mattresses vs regular mattresses

Below are some of the differences between sofa bed mattresses and regular mattresses.

Thickness and height

Regular mattresses are thicker than sofa bed mattresses. This makes the height of the regular mattresses quite huge that they are not easily foldable. However, a sofa bed mattress is slim and can fold to accommodate the mechanism of the bed.

Type of inner materials

The type of inner materials used in making sofa bed mattresses is different from those for regular ones. Since the sofa bed mattresses are thinner in thickness, their heights are approximately half of those of the regular ones. Thus, they can’t accommodate inner materials such as innerspring and memory foam.

However, regular mattresses have larger heights that accommodate innerspring and coils that account for high quality.

Easy Accessibility

Another difference between sofa bed mattresses and regular ones lies in the ease of accessibility. You can easily access regular mattresses at different stores, both online and offline. However, the situation is different for sofa bed mattresses. It can be quite difficult to get them from a physical store and even on most online stores.


Both sofa bed mattresses and the regular ones come in different sizes. For the regular mattresses, you can get the full, twin, king, and queen sizes. Though the sofa bed mattresses are available in standard sizes, most of them are usually customized. So, it’s always best to send your measurement when you desire to get a sofa bed mattress.

Is it Worth Getting a Sofa Bed Mattress?

Most times, lots of people will always ask is it worth getting a sofa bed mattress? A concise answer to the question will be YES! Though some individuals may have their doubts, investing in a sofa bed mattress couldn’t be a bad idea altogether.

Here are some benefits of getting a sofa bed mattress.

  • The sofa bed mattress offers you the solution for an alternative bedding space. When you have friends and guests around with much extra sleeping space, your sofa bed mattress on top of the sofa bed is a great solution.
  • It creates great comfort. Sleeping on your sofa bed without its mattress could be tiring and stressful to the body. You will get more relief and comfort using the sofa bed mattress.
  • A sofa bed mattress is durable. Investing in a sofa bed mattress gives you value for your money. Durability is part of your bargain when you get a good sofa bed mattress from a reliable source.


Though you can put a normal mattress on a sofa bed, this could be just to create alternative bedding space. For long-term purposes, a normal mattress can never be the best option for a sofa bed. Besides damaging the normal mattress through permanent usage on a sofa bed, you may not get your desired comfort.

Also, there’s the inconvenience of folding the normal mattress daily while trying to remove it. So while considering can you put a normal mattress on a sofa bed, it’s better to use a sofa bed mattress.

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